@phortun´s Monday Spotlight presents Steemian of the Week: @world-travel-pro

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Hi there my Steemit friends and followers!

Welcome to my Monday Spotlight where I promote some of your interesting and inspirational Steemit fellows that I have been privileged to know and call friends (at least here in the Steemit world I mean :))

This time around, my Steemian of the Week and the person that I would like to introduce you to is Dan aka @world-travel-pro.


Image source: Pixabay (Creative Commons)

As his Steemit user name @world-travel-pro suggests, Dan is all about traveling. But do not get me wrong here. Dan is not your typical traveler, he is THE traveler who has been roaming around the world for more than 12 YEARS!

During those years, Dan has gained an astonishing amount of experience and he loves to share all his knowledge, travel hacks and all kinds of useful tips with his fans so if you are into traveling and/or you want to be a successful travel blogger, Dan @world-travel-pro is the guy to follow.

He specializes in budget traveling and he shares his experience and tips in posts that are divided into several categories such as: Travel Pro Eats, Travel Pro Places of Interests, Travel Pro Art, Travel Pro Real Life Captured etc.

Dan also recently started a very entertaining game series called Travel Pro Price Is Right where you can actually win Steem for guessing the price of random items that he purchased in given locations.

I should also mention that Dan actually has a very special place among my Steemit friends because he is one of a very few Steemians who I have already met in real life and I can tell you this guy is just awesome and it was so good hanging around with him (in Prague) and listening to his stories :)

If you want to find out more about him, check these amazing videos where Dan @world-travel-pro was interviewed by @chefsteve:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

You can also enjoy his highly reviewed free e-book full of tips and strategies on how long term budget travel and live a strategic international lifestyle here. This book is surely not to be missed for anyone interested in strategic long term travel ;)

Here are some of @world-travel-pro stats (as of this writing):

Steemit member since: May 2017
Reputation: 68.099
Steem Power: 5,467 (out of which 704 is delegated to other accounts)
Followers: 2,271
Followings: 83
Posts: 777
Comments: 6,682
Self-voting: 25.35 %

If you like what you just found out about @world-travel-pro and his work here on Steemit, make sure to follow him! :)

Also, if you want to be featured in this series, drop a few lines about yourself and what you do on Steemit in the comment section below. I will review your profile and might feature you in one of the next episodes ;)

You can find all of the previous episodes of this series under the tag #phortunsmondayspotlight.

Hey, I am @phortun, the author of this post. Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about #nature, #animals, #traveling and discovering secrets and beauties of the #world, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and Steem on! :)

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It's great to see @world-travel-pro here @photun. I've followed and engaged with him since the early days of my Steemit journey.

He was the first person to ever put me on their automatic upvoting list which was a very exciting moment for me.

Wishing both a wonder full day! 😊


I know you guys know and follow each other :) I can imagine how exciting it was for you to find out Dan put you on that list - it was the same for me haha :))


Hi Gillian! Glad to see us all connected here. It's been a pleasure corresponding with you :) @phortun is one cool cat, and it was so nice meeting him in Prague.

Oh yeah brother! When I entered Steemit I thought 'pff, I'll never be as big as this guy', and here we are, all friends Hahahhaha

Super cool dude indeed!


Haha exactly :)) You are awesome guys, cannot wait to aim my spotlight at you too Arthur :D ;)


Uhhhhhhh, that would be an honor @phortun! You should do them like interviews on a voice channel.


Haha....What a compliment. Went straight to my head! lol Thank you buddy. Looking forward to our paths crossing and meeting you in person one day :)


Oh yeah! Will do some crazy vLogs for sure.

Really like your Spotlight series @phortun ! It's a great way to get some of the fellow steemians to know better! Keep it up :)


Thank you so much! :) The good thing is I am not going to run out of great Steemians to feature in the series anytime soon :))

U r boosting my following count :D wondering who will be the number 100 :D

Btw did u like the post I've resteemed today cuz of my resteem? Or u know the guy? He's Eve's friend...Just wondering whether my resteem did any good :D


Znám ho, ale přímo nesleduju... myslím, že je Evin manžel ;) Ten upvote jsem mu dal díky tvému resteemu, jinak bych si toho článku nevšiml.

Ah his one of the old fellows here on Steemit Awesome guy indeed although never met him, (yet).

Can't wait to see if there's any gold nuggets(steemians) that I don't know about should pop up in your spotlight some day:)

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Haha thanks Holm :) And I am sure you will find some "gold nugget Steemians" in the series too one day :))


Thank you Beth :)

Thank you so much Petr for the kind words and doing putting the spotlight on me. What an honor, what a compliment. Thank you!


My pleasure buddy! :) Glad you liked that ;) Greetings to Kiev!

ah yes I discovered him not too long ago =) Nice blog you have @world-travel-pro!