@phortun´s Monday Spotlight presents Steemian of the Week: @derangedvisions

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Hi there my Steemit friends and followers!

Welcome to my Monday Spotlight where I promote some of your interesting and inspirational Steemit fellows that I have been privileged to know and call friends (at least here in the Steemit world I mean :))

This time around, my Steemian of the Week and the person that I would like to introduce you to is Wes aka @derangedvisions.


Image source: Pixabay (Creative Commons)

Wes is an amazing photographer, filmmaker, writer, traveler, artist and crypto enthusiast from Utah. I first noticed him when I saw his incredible photos from Africa in a photo contest and I have been following him ever since.

I soon found out Wes is one of the most devoted Steemians on the platform as he has been engaged in numerous projects that were created to support the community. He runs his own (awesome!) photo contests that you can find under the tag #derangedphotography, he has been a mentor to many talented newbie Steemians, he has delegated a significant part of his Steem Power to various curation groups and, last but not least, he is a Steemit witness! (@derangedvisions recently teamed up with @c0ff33a and you can vote for their joint witness account here).

As you can see, Wes has been really doing a lot for the healthy growth of the platform and its members but he also still manages to publish amazing, top-quality posts on different topics such as this post about the Lincoln Memorial in Washington or this post about the Blakeley State Park.

Here are some of @derangedvisions stats (as of this writing):

Steemit member since: January 2018
Reputation: 64.351
Steem Power: 2,577 (out of which 1,137 is delegated to other accounts)
Followers: 1,499
Followings: 205
Posts: 323
Comments: 3,917
Self-voting: 3.81 %

If you like what you just found out about @derangedvisions and his work here on Steemit, make sure to follow him! :)

Also, if you want to be featured in this series, drop a few lines about yourself and what you do on Steemit in the comment section below. I will review your profile and might feature you in one of the next episodes ;)

You can find all of the previous episodes of this series under the tag #phortunsmondayspotlight.

Hey, I am @phortun, the author of this post. Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about #nature, #animals, #traveling and discovering secrets and beauties of the #world, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and Steem on! :)

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Awesome choice for your spotlight, Wes is one of the most amazing Steemians I know! :)


Thanks Julian, he is the same in my book too ;)

Hah, he's a rising star here on Steemit :D I remember coming across his African diaries post way before the whole Deranged Photography and Witness aspirations. Followed him iimmediately. His pics are fire :D


We probably started following him at the same time then :) And yeah, this man is on a mission! :)

one of my favorite steemians at the moment!!


Awesome, glad to hear that! :) Obviously, Wes´ fan base is huge :)

@derangedvisions has come a long way in a short time and his Deranged Photography competitions are generously rewarded - even with backers I know he puts his own funds into them just to keep them running.

Teaming up as a joint Witness was an obvious decision when he shut down his own server - and together we will keep upholding the community support values we both share.

#thealliance #witness


Oh yeah, I know he had to fund the prizes for the winners from his own pocket sometimes... Like I said above, he is one of the most dedicated Steemians here. I am really glad you guys joined your witness forces and I was happy to give you my vote and tell some other people to do the same. Keep up the awesome work.

Petr, I am honored that you would feature me in this series. When I joined Steemit I just wanted to share my photography, but then I found out how awesome the community was and saw the potential that the platform has to help people. There is so much good that can come out of this platform and I am trying to spread hope around the world to people in areas that need it. Steemit is an awesome platform for humanitarian work.


I am really really glad you like this post Wes. I don´t have that many followers but I do have a bunch of really loyal, great ones and I am sure today, some of them just started following you and supporting in your amazing efforts. Keep up the inspirational work Wes.