She Took Her Vote Back and Unfollowed Me Instantly

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Today a very funny thing happened in my Steem blog. Not very long ago I wrote a blog As a Newbie in Steemit, We should stop begging for upvotes and focus on building our reputation.But today I have really met someone who likes to do this “Follow for follow and I vote you and you vote me back thing”.

So let me tell you what actually happened. I published a blog: How did we get Dogecoin: A Quick Look at Dogecoin’s History? today and in there @mysetrium14 posted a comment

good post hi I follow you follow and vote back me

Then I sent this reply to her:

Dear friends,I don't actually do this follow for follow stuff.It is not a good practice.If you want me to follow or vote for you then you have to write something good.

I posted this comment and less than 1 minute of replying I saw that she took her vote back and I lost a follower. I realized what happened.

She became so angry and frustrated that she took her vote back and unfollowed me. I really enjoyed this incident. It is something that I will always remember.

I don’t feel bad. It is because her vote was actually worthless. But I wouldn’t like to have her vote anyway even if it had any worth. I don’t want vote like this.

I managed to take a screenshot of my blog, who knows maybe after reading this post; she will even delete her comment from my blog, LOL.

Anyway if there are more of you who do these vote begging and follow for follow stuff, then please stop doing this. It won’t help you in the long run.

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She is exercising her freewill, you can't force anyone to vote or follow, it be by freewill unless in cases where votes and followers are paid for. There was a site that was design for steem votes and followrship exchange but was discontinued


Freewill or bad habit.Anyway it is nothing that I appreciate.