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RE: Stopping Downvote Censorship on Steemit: Suggestions For a New Model for Anti-Spam That Prevents Malicious Censorship

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Thanks for the article @ura-soul. I wasn't aware that this sort of censorship could happen on steemit until the problem you had with your article last night.

Reading all the comments below, particularly from @dwinblood, it really is a complex issue.

My understanding of all the inner workings of steemit is still quite young so I have little practical to offer.

Only two small ideas that I would pitch in :

  1. Only allow accounts to downvote after they have been on steemit for say 3 months. The impact would be small but it might help prevent for example downvoting attacks of opposing views in a short term hot issue (or hastily called election etc). There seems to be an open door for organisations with money to quickly buy an anon account, pump in say $100K of steempower and start to cause some serious damage. $100K might seem like a lot of money to some, but to the powers that might want to do this that would be petty cash.

  2. Have an 'emergency button' on the right hand pull out menu - Help me I've been downvoted unfairly... This would send a message to a roster of high SP/high rep monitors that could upvote a post to counter the downvote. Of course how the monitors make the judgement call would be an issue for thought. Also to avoid trivial (?) use of the emergency button there could be a nominal fee (1SBD?). And maybe to reward the monitors for their time maybe they could take say 25% of the post payout.

These are only a couple of random noob level ideas but as this is such a tricky (and important) issue I thought it worth throwing everything in the pot just in case it might help.


I have just created an addon for steemit that mildly improves the situation with downvoted posts being hidden. ;)