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Welcome to my Steem Stats Report for Monday, December 3, 2018. All data comes directly from the Steem blockchain and is based on UTC time.

The format of the date fields is 'YYYY-WW'.
I.e. 2018-23 is week 23 of 2018 (from Monday, June 4 to Sunday, June 10).

1. Weekly number of Posts (including comments)


2. Weekly number of votes

DateVotesPaid bot votesPercent bot votes

3. Daily accounts transacting (daily average per week)

A 'transacting account' is a Steem account that made at least one transaction on the Steem blockchain. This can be a vote, post, comment, transfer, power up or sbd conversion. Users who only read from the Steem blockchain without interacting are not included. The actual number of 'Active users' is therefore much higher than the accounts transacting.

DateAccounts transacting

4. Posts + Comments per post

DateAverage # commentsPosts

5. New accounts created

DateNew Accounts

Who created the new accounts last week

AccountAccounts created

6. Weekly Amount of Steem Powered UP & DOWN

DatePowered UPPowered DOWNDifference
2018-481,716,683 STEEM784,814 STEEM931,869 STEEM
2018-472,322,206 STEEM746,780 STEEM1,575,426 STEEM
2018-46829,021 STEEM685,047 STEEM143,974 STEEM
2018-45662,731 STEEM646,532 STEEM16,199 STEEM
2018-44683,530 STEEM843,628 STEEM-160,098 STEEM
2018-431,979,433 STEEM871,888 STEEM1,107,545 STEEM
2018-42759,156 STEEM804,660 STEEM-45,504 STEEM
2018-41889,935 STEEM894,447 STEEM-4,512 STEEM
Average p/d1,428,877 STEEM1,584,206 STEEM-155,329 STEEM

Largest 'Power ups' last week

Date & TimeFromToSTEEM
Nov 26, 02:00@blocktrades@blocktrades200,000.000
Nov 26, 19:57@shitcoiner@shitcoiner85,439.222
Nov 26, 19:53@byubat@byubat69,953.391
Nov 28, 21:01@imacryptorick@imacryptorick65,000.000
Nov 27, 01:52@navyactifit@navyactifit51,447.020
Nov 27, 02:06@realcleaner@realcleaner50,001.356
Nov 26, 00:09@slowwalker@slowwalker46,052.770
Nov 30, 08:30@superhardness@superhardness38,045.101
Nov 26, 22:38@sammy007@sammy00724,072.984
Dec 1, 15:37@julialee66@julialee6623,997.832

7. Weekly Steem Transfers from and to exchanges

Transfers from one exchange to another are excluded.

DateTransfers to exchangesWithdrawals from exchangesDifference
2018482,079,978 STEEM1,348,580 STEEM731,398 STEEM
2018472,514,575 STEEM2,249,292 STEEM265,283 STEEM
2018461,976,060 STEEM803,820 STEEM1,172,240 STEEM
201845958,250 STEEM493,960 STEEM464,290 STEEM
2018441,462,736 STEEM487,336 STEEM975,400 STEEM
201843756,588 STEEM456,933 STEEM299,655 STEEM
2018422,340,331 STEEM396,421 STEEM1,943,910 STEEM
201841740,570 STEEM510,395 STEEM230,175 STEEM

Deposits and withdrawals by exchange last week

Binance1,909,696 STEEM1,702,328 STEEM207,369 STEEM
Bittrex1,058,958 STEEM722,515 STEEM336,443 STEEM
Poloniex186,806 STEEM116,570 STEEM70,236 STEEM
Gopax17,940 STEEM11,374 STEEM6,565 STEEM
Huobi209,624 STEEM180,780 STEEM28,844 STEEM
Openledger2,838 STEEM4 STEEM2,834 STEEM
Upbit502,539 STEEM423,432 STEEM79,106 STEEM

Largest transfers last week

Date & TimeFromToAmount
Dec 1, 01:11@binance-hot@binance89,224,093.199 STEEM
Dec 1, 01:50@deepcrypto8@binance-hot1,007,541.311 STEEM
Dec 1, 02:33@binance-hot@binance81,000,891.321 STEEM
Dec 1, 01:11@binance-hot@binance81,000,000.000 STEEM
Dec 1, 01:44@holiday@deepcrypto8999,990.000 STEEM
Nov 28, 00:04@fedoradog@bittrex96,726.402 STEEM
Nov 30, 14:23@binance-hot@binance886,327.434 STEEM
Nov 26, 19:57@binance-hot@shitcoiner85,439.222 STEEM
Nov 26, 17:51@binance-hot@byubat69,930.023 STEEM

8. Steem Price Update

¯\___(ツ)____/¯ Follow me @penguinpablo for daily Steem statistics.

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Good statistics 👍

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

Hey @penguinpablo. Look at the posts each week. Thanks for the data. Do you know of anywhere where one can view the power-up/power down accounts on a longer time frame?


I don't think that there is a website where you can find this. Not as far as I know...

Those long term graphs really show a downward trend, but I'm still getting good activity on my posts. Steem can be as fun as any other social platform if you put in some effort. We need to ride out this dip and the good times may come again. I know it's more about the money for many people, but the dash for cash could be bad for us all. Too many are just buying big votes and not engaging with anyone. If all your comments are from bots then you are doing it wrong.

BTW Steemnow still reports the Steem price as 41c. Is that value stuck?


Don't you think there is the slightest possibility that this is not a matter of sitting out the ride?
But that it could be going down until it reaches zero? Without ever going up again?


It's possible as it's all a bit of a gamble, but I've had good value from Steem. It's paid for 2 trips to Steemfest and a nice guitar. Do you think it's worth us trying to make it a success, and not just for personal gain? Your name implies you believe in crypto


My name tries to imply that I only am interested in the economic side of Crypto. And my personal view is that it most likely won't work the way it is set up now. And that also applies for Steem. So I suggest that if you really need to earn money to do it on a different place. Unless you are one of the very few people that earns thousands of Steem per week. But even then I would suggest to keep selling a bit so now and then.


I don't really need the money, although I'm by no means rich. I'm interested in what Steem can achieve and I want to be part of it. It's about people as much as money


You call this a dip? We are in surviving mode.


So what were we doing when Steem was 7c last year. To be making anything is impressive. Remember when bitcoin was worth cents? Nobody really knows where this crypto stuff is going, but I still see great potential in Steem


The current feed price is $0.405 and hasn't moved much over the last few days even though the price of Steem dropped much lower. This is due to a mechanism to prevent too much SBD conversions at a very low steem price. Imagine people can convert all their SBD at $0.10. This would create 10 new Steem for each SBD resulting in a high inflation which in turn would crash the steem price even more.


feed price $0.41/STEEM
70% of devs have been fired, this house is falling apart

I catched some words about @ned selling large trunks of his Steem. But I never saw this in your weekly updates. Did I somehow miss it?
Or did he not sell this large amounts? Or from a different account?


There have been a couple of large transfers from @steem and @steemit2 to blocktrades.us recently.