Weekly Steem Stats Report - July 17, 2017

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Welcome to my Weekly Steem Stats Report for Monday, July 17, 2017. All data is coming directly from the Steem blockchain and is based on UTC time.

1. Weekly number of Posts (including comments)


2. Weekly number of votes


3. Weekly active users

DateActive users

4. Posts + Comments per post

DateAverage # comments

5. New accounts created

DateNew Accounts

6. Weekly Amount of SBD converted to Steem

DateAmount in SBD
20172853,547.834 SBD
20172716,156.954 SBD
20172620,851.761 SBD
20172514,021.673 SBD
20172410,572.907 SBD
2017236,005.578 SBD
2017225,690.260 SBD

7. Weekly Amount of Steem Powered UP

2017281,806,991.132 STEEM
2017271,784,698.688 STEEM
2017261,739,809.746 STEEM
2017252,328,395.460 STEEM
2017242,128,881.014 STEEM
2017232,214,476.203 STEEM
2017222,169,195.354 STEEM

8. Weekly Steem & SBD Transfers

2017283,588,464.004 STEEM944,199.512 SBD
2017273,592,993.320 STEEM659,503.437 SBD
2017263,798,055.393 STEEM933,402.011 SBD
2017253,655,019.450 STEEM465,504.810 SBD
2017246,143,653.407 STEEM467,103.596 SBD
20172312,240,053.631 STEEM388,531.815 SBD
2017225,982,073.145 STEEM222,584.447 SBD

9. Steem Price Update

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Stats look nice. Steem is cheap right now but might go even lower. Although I don't really want that because we will have some people amassing Steem and using it for self-upvoting once the price goes up. 1$ stable would be a perfect starting point for a new uptrend which will last.. Well.. For quite some time that's for sure.


Low steem rate is good for investors, but bad for those who want to withdraw it into usd or other currencies, i wish steem could reach 10usd price and the currency reach to a new heights of success @penguinpablo


Just wait it out. Most cryptocoins are crashing... now. After Aug 1st Bitcoin fork, when the squawking of panicked chickens has been silenced by the foxes, and confidence returns, so too will stronger prices which reach for the new heights... until the next crash... ad infinitum.

50k weekly users!!!!!!!!!! Yey!!!!! We are on the right way.

I am looking for monthly active users. Any idea?

Used to use steemd for this stat but its down.

I want to compare vs facebook users which are reported by month


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I can't find it either. https://steemd.com/distribution is down for quite some time now.

I'll pick it up tomorrow for my next Steem Stats Report. I let you know.


I've digged into the blockchain :)

May: 33,655
June: 89,950
July (so far): 74,642
Last 30 days: 103,989

Awesome growth :)

This is a positi news..thanks for this
I used you and your post as example in my latest blog post of why people should invest in steem -pls feel free to see it. Thanks for your good work here.

Thanks for sharing !!!

It s awesome. Accounts number growing and upvotes also

good stats. with this stats i see steemit overtaking major social media websites in the nearest future. And right now steem is low i think this is the best time to invest for anyone who cares to make good money in the coming months.

Steemit slowly creeping on that socialmedia throne to stab facebook in the heart and roundhouse kick twitter out of town.

Seems like everyone is using the crash to powet up steem

Looks like the price is going down soon...i beleive it will soon rise up more soon...

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Useful stats and thanks so much for sharing it! Steemit is growing very fast :D

Anyways, please follow me back so that we can become friend :D

Wow, almost 1 million posts per week!

New accounts have rocketed over the past week?!


I'm impressed by doubling active users in just 5 days. These things have a snowball effect so I wouldn't be surprised to see 100000 active users by Aug 1


Perhaps! Fishing out the stuff worth reading from these active users will get harder and harder!


That is 5 weeks rather than 5 days. Today is the beginning of week 29.


You are indeed correct, sir.


I believe the horizontal axis is weeks not days. We are today beginning week 29.

I wonder what the stats look like in a year, predictions anyone?

What does the date format such as 201722 mean?


It's week 22 of 2017.
You can find the dates and week numbers here: https://www.epochconverter.com/weeks/2017


These are weekly stats and it looks zonmemlike it is the week of the year....


Thank you for explaining.

Impressive numbers! Looks like a lot of hardwork though.

With the price of steem at $1.00 it's a great time to buy IMO. With the rapid growth, I can't see it dropping much lower. Plus they raised the intrest rate 1.0 but I am no investment guy.

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Thank you for posting @penguinpablo.

Really great to see these charts and figures as you have presented them.

Is it possible to add the current Steem price to SteemNow.......as it is the go to site for current information.

Appreciate SteemNow more everyday.



Thank you! :)

You can find the Steem price in the top right corner, although this price is not coming from the exchanges. It's the median of the price of the last 7 days.

If you are using Google chrome there's a usefull extension available to keep track of the current Steem price:


Thank you for your reply @penguinpablo.

That is a great help.

All the best. Cheers,

Interesting figures. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks you, very interesting information!

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Always been a stats man. I have lots of faith in the future of cryptocurrency. This is very useful information.