Daily Steem Stats Report - Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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Welcome to my Steem Stats Report for Wednesday, May 30, 2018. All data comes directly from the Steem blockchain and is based on UTC time.

1. Daily number of Posts (including comments)


2. Daily number of votes

DateVotesPaid bot votesPercent bot votes

3. Daily accounts transacting

A 'transacting account' is a Steem account that made at least one transaction on the Steem blockchain. This can be a vote, post, comment, transfer, power up or sbd conversion. Users who only read from the Steem blockchain without interacting are not included. The actual number of 'Active users' is therefore much higher than the accounts transacting.

DateAccounts transacting

4. Posts + Comments per post

DateAverage # commentsPosts

5. New accounts created

DateNew Accounts

6. Daily Amount of Steem Powered UP & DOWN

DatePowered UPPowered DOWNDifference
2018-05-29150,063 STEEM149,558 STEEM505 STEEM
2018-05-28123,209 STEEM103,955 STEEM19,254 STEEM
2018-05-2780,593 STEEM103,341 STEEM-22,748 STEEM
2018-05-2696,518 STEEM143,761 STEEM-47,243 STEEM
2018-05-25139,295 STEEM112,230 STEEM27,065 STEEM
2018-05-2452,077 STEEM302,014 STEEM-249,937 STEEM
2018-05-23157,909 STEEM106,097 STEEM51,812 STEEM
2018-05-22100,219 STEEM146,892 STEEM-46,673 STEEM
Average p/d246,267 STEEM345,519 STEEM-99,252 STEEM

Largest 'Power ups' yesterday

Date & TimeFromToSTEEM
May 29, 13:39@derrick829@derrick82948,908.144
May 29, 00:20@benefactor@benefactor11,283.482
May 29, 04:07@lanhange@lanhange7,163.055
May 29, 16:04@geronimo@geronimo6,200.028
May 29, 23:49@sirvotesalot@sirvotesalot5,000.000
May 29, 13:29@kuri12@kuri123,555.272
May 29, 02:54@armdown@armdown3,500.000
May 29, 05:36@mshahabi@mshahabi3,297.440
May 29, 13:46@ukk@ukk3,006.726
May 29, 16:06@bleujay@bleujay2,622.000

7. Daily Steem Transfers from and to exchanges

Transfers from one exchange to another are excluded.

DateTransfers to exchangesWithdrawals from exchangesDifference
2018-05-2973,401 STEEM154,732 STEEM-81,330 STEEM
2018-05-2842,659 STEEM78,346 STEEM-35,688 STEEM
2018-05-2730,504 STEEM50,976 STEEM-20,472 STEEM
2018-05-26106,435 STEEM69,008 STEEM37,427 STEEM
2018-05-2580,751 STEEM72,487 STEEM8,264 STEEM
2018-05-24254,233 STEEM66,293 STEEM187,940 STEEM
2018-05-23161,338 STEEM52,912 STEEM108,426 STEEM
2018-05-22140,629 STEEM34,003 STEEM106,627 STEEM

Deposits and withdrawals by exchange yesterday

Binance172,275 STEEM53,485 STEEM118,790 STEEM
Bittrex61,774 STEEM118,928 STEEM-57,153 STEEM
Gopax14,540 STEEM10,249 STEEM4,291 STEEM
Huobi7,933 STEEM103,070 STEEM-95,137 STEEM
Openledger8,182 STEEM907 STEEM7,275 STEEM
Upbit29,550 STEEM89,186 STEEM-59,637 STEEM

Largest transfers yesterday

Date & TimeFromToAmount
May 29, 13:03@bittrex@derrick82930,092.035 STEEM
May 29, 21:28@kuberaleez@gopax-deposit24,675.237 SBD
May 29, 05:04@dk-gamer@doctop20,901.543 STEEM
May 29, 02:03@bittrex@dk-gamer20,900.553 STEEM
May 29, 02:10@deepcrypto8@binance-hot16,191.267 STEEM
May 29, 03:50@deepcrypto8@binance-hot15,844.605 STEEM
May 29, 00:20@deepcrypto8@binance-hot15,671.182 STEEM
May 29, 06:10@deepcrypto8@binance-hot13,629.546 STEEM
May 29, 22:30@deepcrypto8@binance-hot12,811.523 STEEM
May 29, 10:30@deepcrypto8@binance-hot12,044.782 STEEM

8. Steem Price Update

¯\___(ツ)____/¯ Follow me @penguinpablo for daily Steem statistics.

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Thanks for your work 👍

Glad to see slight improvement in the Steem price...

Not much difference from last week really. Just 2cents. Let's hope we are about to experience the much expected bull run as we enter June tomorrow.

As usual, thanks for the regular update @pepenguinpablo


hehehehe. pepe-nguin :P


Let us not just hope. Let us work for it !


How pls?


Promote steem to people in real life and virtual life like on fb,Instagram,yt,Reddit etc. We have to recruit more steemians to get a bigger steemit and then a much more stable platform

Looks like we started distributing steem instead of Sbd. Do you have charts on that?


Yes rewards in STEEM are now returning gradually but very small for now. That should improve over time I believe.

I don't like to see that we have more power downs than power ups...


there are a few REALLY BIG accounts powering down - 3/4 of the dlive crew, and jerry banfield, to name just 2


Oh dear - jerry powering down worries me. Do you know why?


It's hardly a surprise. He got exactly what he came for (top 20 witness income stream) now he's probably moving onto the next big thing. My guess is EOS.


Well, it is kind of a surprise to me. I follow him is other places and came here because he was so excited when he found steemit.

I don't think the "top 20 witness income stream" was an issue for him last year - back then it was all about the change to earn money and gain an audience for posting your content. I've been too busy trying to do that to follow anything about witnesses since I understand nothing about them. But Jerry has my vote lol.


That's the main concern in all of these. Power-downs are a form of retrogression for Steemit at this stage but they can't be avoided as they are relative. They occur on individual basis as need be. Hence we just got to cope with it.

Super nice work ! Thanks :)
I wonder

what happened on 2018-05-24 with these 12,262 created accounts ?

I am also interested which service you are using to generate these good diagrams. Do you have some suggestions where to start, when I want to create charts for a specific account ?


All new accounts created on steemit.com are manually approved by Steemit.com. We see a spike when they clear their backlog.

I use chartjs.org to create the charts.


Yeah. That's true. We only see the spike when the backlog has been cleared.

It's a lot of manual work which explains the variance in the number of hours/days it take different account to get approved.

@penguinpablo, what is a good way to see a list of how many followers the biggest accounts have? I have almost a thousand followers now, but I want to see how I fit in the the overall network

I am curious as the continuous slippage of steemit in Alexa rank - my theory is that it's due to more and more people using eSteem and busy.org as an alternative to steemit.com


All work created on eSteem and Busy also appear on Steemit so it's not that.
More likely it's the quality and more importantly the quantity. Posts seem to be getting shorter as people are doing the minimum to claim rewards.

Typically, Google favors indexing of pages with at least 300 words.

Just checkout the 'NEW' tab to see what I mean -

Quality writers don't get rewarded, and eventually leave, but the bottom feeders are happy to claim a few dollars here and there.


so what is the problem you found in my post? @just2random. Its quite a post of self reading and i am always making my post in a series and that my style (Do you have a problem with that)?