Daily Steem Stats Report - Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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Welcome to my Steem Stats Report for Wednesday, February 28, 2018. All data comes directly from the Steem blockchain and is based on UTC time.

1. Daily number of Posts (including comments)


2. Daily number of votes


3. Daily active users

DateActive users

4. Posts + Comments per post

DateAverage # commentsPosts

5. New accounts created

DateNew Accounts

6. Daily Amount of Steem Powered UP & DOWN

DatePowered UPPowered DOWNDifference
2018-02-27128,437 STEEM227,577 STEEM-99,140 STEEM
2018-02-26268,047 STEEM175,869 STEEM92,178 STEEM
2018-02-25143,885 STEEM165,025 STEEM-21,140 STEEM
2018-02-24148,035 STEEM112,650 STEEM35,385 STEEM
2018-02-23269,768 STEEM159,171 STEEM110,597 STEEM
2018-02-22345,670 STEEM115,024 STEEM230,646 STEEM
2018-02-21154,448 STEEM199,484 STEEM-45,036 STEEM
Average p/d269,034 STEEM343,790 STEEM-74,757 STEEM

Largest 'Power ups' yesterday

Date & TimeFromToSTEEM
Feb 27, 16:48@hwawol@hwawol8,128.813
Feb 27, 18:41@try-market@try-market6,514.912
Feb 27, 01:48@neworleans@neworleans6,050.914
Feb 27, 00:06@sc5tt@sc5tt5,929.519

7. Daily Steem Transfers from and to exchanges

DateFrom BittrexFrom PoloniexFrom BinanceTo BittrexTo PoloniexTo Binance
2018-02-27106,532 STEEM0 STEEM73,560 STEEM28,386 STEEM0 STEEM62,096 STEEM
2018-02-26605,101 STEEM0 STEEM55,229 STEEM86,910 STEEM0 STEEM103,705 STEEM
2018-02-2558,644 STEEM0 STEEM24,909 STEEM20,862 STEEM0 STEEM54,922 STEEM
2018-02-24100,600 STEEM0 STEEM55,558 STEEM29,337 STEEM1 STEEM69,415 STEEM
2018-02-23155,042 STEEM0 STEEM42,020 STEEM44,019 STEEM0 STEEM179,745 STEEM
2018-02-22143,635 STEEM0 STEEM41,381 STEEM93,375 STEEM6 STEEM76,959 STEEM
2018-02-21103,301 STEEM0 STEEM62,729 STEEM57,120 STEEM13 STEEM51,471 STEEM

Largest transfers yesterday

Date & TimeFromToAmount
Feb 27, 23:54@binance-hot@ds1tle27,137.790 STEEM
Feb 27, 16:31@deepcrypto8@binance-hot21,125.418 STEEM
Feb 27, 09:02@myupbit@upbit-exchange17,307.127 STEEM
Feb 27, 09:00@bittrex@myupbit17,172.069 STEEM
Feb 27, 12:09@bittrex@korbit215,140.000 STEEM
Feb 27, 01:18@ngc@bittrex12,619.008 STEEM
Feb 27, 05:20@deepcrypto8@binance-hot11,582.453 STEEM
Feb 27, 01:40@deepcrypto8@binance-hot10,619.650 STEEM
Feb 27, 06:50@deepcrypto8@binance-hot10,196.716 STEEM

8. Steem Price Update

¯\___(ツ)____/¯ Follow me @penguinpablo for daily Steem statistics.

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No matter the seemingly general stagnation everywhere in the crypto world there are many interesting projects emerging such as APPICS, the first SMT of steem.io Looking forward to their ICO on March 28th.

What you called stagnation is what's known as the calm before the storm. It just needs a spark so it spreads and grows like fire in the woods . btw, it's still not late for new users for joining steem network now . I can already predict that 2018 is like 2006 for facebook 😉 Big projects just need their time 😄

I hopefully believe that you are right my friend :-)

Glad to see the number of active users holding steady, it'd be super important to see greater growth in users in the next few months

That is fucking awesome man!
"27,137.790 STEEM"
That is hell amount of money.
Steem is doing great,
Have you heard The Turkish exchange added steem into their list?

That's good news. Haven't heard of it... What's the name of the exchange?

I've just read it on the @everittdmickey post.
Here is the link,
i can't read turkish.

First of all thx for the hard work and detailed overview. I would like to suggest 2 additional statistics.
Is it possible to add an average post per user and a top list of posting users? This latest list would probably be dominated by bots.
If you don’t see the added value or if its to hard to create, no problem.

Thx sir/mam. What a quick service.
It gives a lot more understanding of how much money is flowing in and out. How the bots rule Steemit at the moment. Shocking figures. Would like to give you an extra up-vote but I’m running low on voting power! Sorry. Wil make it up whenI am back at 100%.

Thank you for your suggestion. I'm working on it now and will post the result shortly :)


Thank you! Great range of stats!

Thanks so much @penguinpablo! I wonder why steemd/distribution doesn't provide such data anymore. You get all this data from steemsql?

I don't use steemsql, but written my own scripts to get the data directly from the blockchain.

Wow do you make any tutorials? I was searching for this kind of statistics for a long time.. but I'm not willing to pay for steemsql. I'm still a minnow.

I would love to see the steem price @ 100k Satoshi ,I want to grow btc value ,USD will be automatically increased .thanks for the post .

I hope can up again....


Informative post,
but I see the new accounts created is less

oya wonderfull thanks for post bro

Wow I had no idea that we had just surpassed 3/4 of a million registered users. It is sad to see that the daily users is still around 60,000 though. Maybe one day once they make the platform a little more user friendly and streamlined then people will begin to flock to this site.

Great stuff, thanks for the update.
I see them on steemnow.com too.
I really hope the value of steem rises this week.

really very good post .thanks

great job guys.

Penuinpablito @penguinpablo with the most comprehensive stats we need right now! thank you :)

good post my dear friends