Daily Steem Stats Report - Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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Welcome to my Steem Stats Report for Tuesday, May 29, 2018. All data comes directly from the Steem blockchain and is based on UTC time.

1. Daily number of Posts (including comments)


2. Daily number of votes

DateVotesPaid bot votesPercent bot votes

3. Daily accounts transacting

A 'transacting account' is a Steem account that made at least one transaction on the Steem blockchain. This can be a vote, post, comment, transfer, power up or sbd conversion. Users who only read from the Steem blockchain without interacting are not included. The actual number of 'Active users' is therefore much higher than the accounts transacting.

DateAccounts transacting

4. Posts + Comments per post

DateAverage # commentsPosts

5. New accounts created

DateNew Accounts

6. Daily Amount of Steem Powered UP & DOWN

DatePowered UPPowered DOWNDifference
2018-05-28123,209 STEEM103,955 STEEM19,254 STEEM
2018-05-2780,593 STEEM103,341 STEEM-22,748 STEEM
2018-05-2696,518 STEEM143,761 STEEM-47,243 STEEM
2018-05-25139,295 STEEM112,230 STEEM27,065 STEEM
2018-05-2452,077 STEEM302,014 STEEM-249,937 STEEM
2018-05-23157,909 STEEM106,097 STEEM51,812 STEEM
2018-05-22100,219 STEEM146,892 STEEM-46,673 STEEM
2018-05-21107,041 STEEM123,945 STEEM-16,904 STEEM
Average p/d246,917 STEEM346,843 STEEM-99,926 STEEM

Largest 'Power ups' yesterday

Date & TimeFromToSTEEM
May 28, 14:19@virus707@virus70717,738.857
May 28, 21:00@sirvotesalot@sirvotesalot7,068.323
May 28, 10:11@bitjohny@bitjohny6,762.027
May 28, 18:26@analisa@analisa6,552.942
May 28, 19:48@mrpassive@mrpassive6,107.363
May 28, 14:27@changyoon@changyoon5,065.272
May 28, 07:38@curie@vact5,000.000
May 28, 19:13@gridcoinman@gridcoinman4,667.736
May 28, 14:18@geronimo@geronimo4,312.650
May 28, 10:33@sitha@sitha3,065.067

7. Daily Steem Transfers from and to exchanges

Transfers from one exchange to another are excluded.

DateTransfers to exchangesWithdrawals from exchangesDifference
2018-05-2842,659 STEEM78,346 STEEM-35,688 STEEM
2018-05-2730,504 STEEM50,976 STEEM-20,472 STEEM
2018-05-26106,435 STEEM69,008 STEEM37,427 STEEM
2018-05-2580,751 STEEM72,487 STEEM8,264 STEEM
2018-05-24254,233 STEEM66,293 STEEM187,940 STEEM
2018-05-23161,338 STEEM52,912 STEEM108,426 STEEM
2018-05-22140,629 STEEM34,003 STEEM106,627 STEEM
2018-05-21174,499 STEEM72,581 STEEM101,918 STEEM

Deposits and withdrawals by exchange yesterday

Binance255,197 STEEM224,196 STEEM31,001 STEEM
Bithumb4,816 STEEM0 STEEM4,816 STEEM
Bittrex143,111 STEEM186,350 STEEM-43,239 STEEM
Gopax14,526 STEEM11,461 STEEM3,065 STEEM
Huobi113,996 STEEM18,011 STEEM95,985 STEEM
Openledger2,807 STEEM1,523 STEEM1,284 STEEM
Upbit18,215 STEEM146,816 STEEM-128,600 STEEM

Largest transfers yesterday

Date & TimeFromToAmount
May 28, 13:30@deepcrypto8@binance-hot18,648.978 STEEM
May 28, 14:20@deepcrypto8@binance-hot16,500.670 STEEM
May 28, 12:10@deepcrypto8@binance-hot14,987.026 STEEM
May 28, 04:50@deepcrypto8@binance-hot13,763.177 STEEM
May 28, 07:00@deepcrypto8@binance-hot13,605.309 STEEM
May 28, 06:00@deepcrypto8@binance-hot12,669.971 STEEM
May 28, 06:50@deepcrypto8@binance-hot11,722.479 STEEM
May 28, 15:30@deepcrypto8@binance-hot11,502.088 STEEM
May 28, 23:30@deepcrypto8@binance-hot11,343.486 STEEM
May 28, 03:40@deepcrypto8@binance-hot11,296.359 STEEM

8. Steem Price Update

¯\___(ツ)____/¯ Follow me @penguinpablo for daily Steem statistics.

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Need improvement in new accounts registration....



It really looks like there is a trend where the average number of daily posts is decreasing. While of you look at the average daily upvotes and accounts transacting those are quite stable.
Could this be explained by the still growing number of bots and decreasing number of real humans?
Because bots do upvote and therefore interact. And when the number of humans decreases the number of posts also does.

What is your opinion?


I do think that it has to do with the value of Steem. Each time the steem price drops people are becoming less active on the blockchain.
But still the autovotes and so on go on.
Also because there are less new post and lots of people don't want to waste voting power by letting it be to high, they will search for new authors to vote on!
Now is the time to get discovered! It will never be easier!


Yes. Because people care about the current price of steem. The reward they earn in steem is the same. Good point in time to get discovered and to accumulate steem.


Yes, this has been the pattern in the past. Increasing votes with declining posts is a sign of increased bot activity and lower human activity.


Definitely agree with you! These are great questions that people are dying to learn the answers to. There is a trend going on here.

who is that fucking deepcrypto8? :o


It is the deposit address of Binance.


oh my gosh.

Good work.

nice news really

Hi friend, thank you once again for your report on cryptocurrency. You really did a good job on the report. You have added top ten Largest transfers yesterday. I hope you will add more to your next report. I see your post more eagerly and get more confidence in cryptocurrency. your report shows power is continuing to down. It is a matter of great regret. When power will up?

Thanks for the website update(steemnow) its being while

I am guessing the numbers would be higher if all transfers from Binance were being accepted. A question please. I initiated a transfer from Binance over 4 hours ago and nothing has happened. They have a link to a website you run called Steem Block Explorer with the transaction number, but your site just says loading.

Does this indicate whoever the witnesses are that handle this part of the blockchain are not doing what they are supposed to, and if so how do I find out who they are to nudge them to witness transfers so they go through?

I am hoping this gets fixed on this end before I have to go to Binance and see what has to be done on their end to stop the transfer. It would make me wary of attempting any more transfers, despite having done several successfully before now.


The loading on Steemblockexplorer.com indicates a problem with the steemd node. Not a problem with a witness or the actual transaction.

What is the transaction ID or the link to the transaction?


My script is stuck on this error: Unknown Transaction.
I think you have to contact Binance.


Ok thank you for looking into it.

Thanks for the update!