My token of trust in steem. Three reasons to POWER UP

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Today I decided to power up and for that I found some reasons that were working for me.


  1. The huge drop in price for steem slowed down in the last days which usually indicates a stabilization. As I do believe in a stronger crypto in the future it's a signal to throw some coins in.

  2. The upcoming trade war (USA against the rest of the world?) will find it's reflection on the fiat money all over the world. In trade wars usually no one runs profitable, but they all hope to get a better start over the other countries after the dust settles. Meanwhile all the fiat currency suffers. For me, a good reason to move in a decentralized coin. Stay out of the trouble when the big guys fight.

  3. Last but not least, I like steemit as a social platform and I am going to support the community when our coffeeshops accept steem as payment method.

That’s all for today.

puwer up.jpg

Steem on 😊


I agree. Powering up makes one hold when one may be pressured to sell.

@pattayaonline thx for the upvote. same here getting more steem as btc test the previous low. laddering the accumulation as it goes down. What's your coffeeshops name ?

the second reason is interesting & true:-)

These are reasons to buy STeem but none of these are reasons to Power up. A reason to power up would be that we are near bottom of price so if you buy Steem now and power it up, there will be less risk in the price going lower after you buy and power up.
Another reason to power up would be to make your upvote worth more.

Indeed that is true.

As for me having steem means to have a tool to support good content with my votes and that goes best with powered up steem.

But you are right. The pure power up is not a the main reason to buy steem now. (It's just for me a useful step to support steemit better)

Yes agreed and what attracted me most is:

Stay out of the trouble when the big guys fight.

Absolutely true !!1

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