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Preparing for the future!

About a year ago, the @little-peppers account was created. The purpose was simple: To use this account as a savings and investment opportunity for my children, commonly called the @little-peppers.

At the time I came up with the idea, I was still relatively new to crypto, since I had only been on steemit for about half a year and steemit was my introduction to the crypto scene. However, it didn't take me long to realize that if any parent had the opportunity to go back in time and pick up a few BTC for their children's future, they certainly would. While that is an impossibility, another option was possible.


While I couldn't go back in time and buy some cheap BTC, I could run an alt account to share some of our family adventures and fun. The goal was to save some STEEM for the future, and perhaps diversify a bit too. At the moment, after about a year of periodically posting from that account, I think that we've done alright.

Already the kids have over a half BTC in savings, plus they have almost $10K worth of value in the @little-peppers account. This account has also allowed me to post some "other" things that I may not exactly post from the @papa-pepper account. Though cryptos fluctuate, I think that it is pretty cool to have some saved for the future of my children.


Here is just a sampling of some of the fun that we've had and shared from that account. For more, check out the actual @little-peppers account and see what you think!



I'll continue to periodically post from that account, and continue to use it as a way to invest in the future of my children. I am so blessed by the opportunity that steemit has given us, and super-excited about the future! I love the fact that not only does steemit provide a way for us to potentially earn something for our content, but it also gives us an opportunity to do other things that are normally very difficult this day and age, like saving for the future of our children.

If you haven't checked out the @little-peppers account yet, it's just another place to see some "100% Original Pepper Content!" Thanks for making it a success!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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I love that as a parent you have set in place a future for them in so many ways! And they are all so darn cute!

I am just pleased to be able to raise them to know the truth and understand their purpose.

yup, me too

Wise decision opening that account for the future of the kiddos. 👍

I thought so, never thought it would work out this well! Thanks!

And boom another 160 USD worth of Steem and SBD in just 30 minutes! Amazing

It is a blessing to be sure!

Fun will slow down on 2018
All crypto trades are taxable events in US 2018
Merry Christmas

I would like to start something like this for my daughter. I hope to learn as much as you know in this

Yeah, people need to be 13 to have their own account, but I just run this one as an alt-account to bless them and their future.

You are doing an amazing job all of your accounts do extremely well. Truly an inspiration

Wow‼️ Congrats👏🏼👏🏼As parents we have to think wisely for our children’s future👍🏼Great idea☺️WTG Dad‼️👋🏼

Congratulation. good good good

I just got an account for my oldest son. I can't wait to see what he does with it. :)

Good idea. Now is the time!

Awwww, very cool!
Once I get better at this, I think Ill make an account for my kids too. They have interesting things to share, and this would be a cool way to save for the future. :)

It is a cool way!

Congratulations, for that beautiful job they do .. and go all the other years that come ...

It's a great idea to repare for their future

thanks this post @papa-pepper you really give good ideas to the parents, i will try to apply these at kids, great great job and merry Christmas to you...

We have to think of their future and set them up to succeed.

thats right @papa-pepper, we must prepare the future of our kids.

Great job pepper family!

Beautifuly... Volow and vote me please...

@papa-pepper, you have done a great thing for your children. Back in August, I did the same thing for my 24 year old, daughter(although she has no idea) when I created the account @kittenpics. It has two goals... Create a savings for here and earn some money to buy her a good camera. Our children are our future. We must invest in them as often as possible.

Very nice! Great job and good idea!

Thinking about the future of your children is a very good idea @papq-pepper, you did well to invest in the cryptoccurency for it, because it will be the currency of the future

You must be a comedian, because you make me smile every single time I see your account @papa-pepper

This is so GREAT! God Bless You! You are a real life hero! This was an emotional post for me my Friend! You are an angel on this earth! I'm absolutely following and upvoting! Please keep in touch! :)

Thats a good idea @papa-pepper more blessings to you

Merry Christmas to @papa-pepper and @little-peppers, May you be Blessed many times over in the New Year.

Good job with the kids account papa-pepper...

Thanks. Glad that it can be a blessing for them!

That is such a wonderful idea! I love the little goat riding video, your daughters have beautiful smiles and you can see that they really enjoy spending time outdoors with you and the animals, its so beautiful to see. :D
That crab catching video was adorable. I love how your eldest daughter is explaining exactly what was about to happen, her voice is so sweet. :D Your youngest daughter and son were both so focused on their assigned tasks, they are the cutest kids. :D
Oh my, she pulled her own baby tooth out, that's so brave of her. :D I just wanted to hug her when she said "it hurts" and her hand started to shake.
I'll have to follow them and see what else they've been posting. :D
God bless you all. Have an awesome day my friend. :D

Thank you very much! Glad you like it!

You're so welcome! :D What is the candle sitting in in the first and last pictures? Is it a piece of cork, a piece of cake or something else? I can't tell from the pictures themselves so I figured I'd ask you directly as you are "in the know". :D

Wat to go! Futureproofing the littles is a great idea! Lots if fun this last year @little-peppers! I hope you keep up the good times! I wish you many more guys!

Enjoy being the boss at the moment, soon they will learn how to do their own posting and leave you for dead.
What a brilliant idea to enable them to raise their own money in the future and have fun doing it.
Wish steemit had been around when I was a kid, I would be rich now if it had.

You have some great children my friend, ones who you can admire for a long time as you see the rewards of working with them and teaching them as they bloom into adults that know what really matters in life.

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Great parenting! There is no better way to prepare your children for the future than to show them the way through role-modelling. Great work!

I can't wait to have kids and get them some savings up and ready right from the beginning. Maybe they'll be future steemians as well. I'll go add their account haha, looking forward to seeing what they share.

This is great. I turned my friends kids on to silver a few years ago and the crazy dudes buy some at every turn. About a year ago I turned them on to ltc - needless to say the 5yr old has more capital than his dad right now...we created a monster! ;) Hope your kids never have to grind a day in their life when they get older and can focus on things they are passionate about.

Nothing like a father's love

Man this is awesome!! Some cute kids you got there!!

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