Weekly Discussion Post! What Videogame Song Completely Relaxes You?

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Hey there, OP GAMERS it's @Volderhein this time around and we're back again, to talk and drink with our fellow gamers and Steemians! And I know we've been slacking off for the past couple of weeks but hey we've been here voting what you guys have put under the #OPgaming tag and we're so glad you guys are using it! It motivates us to keep working even harder! I just want you guys to know we're still around and we're still present to appreciate what you guys do which is amazing! But that's enough chit chat for a day (Or two!) so let's get on with the topic I want to discuss with you guys around here. (It's in the title, lol)


This week's theme is: What Videogame Song Completely Relaxes You?

First off... Why am I talking about music? And why specifically music that relaxes us? Aren't most gaming songs made for us gamers to be pumped and advance with the flow of the game? Well yeah, but don't forget that being pumped is not the only feeling videogames can create. Videogame songs are also made for you to be immersed, for you to take in the world you're being presented and simply let yourself go.

Since the recent ruckus and rampage associated with the fall of the Steem and Crypto price in general, people are panicking nonstop. To be fairly honest some of these worries are well founded because users have put their livelyhoods into living out of Steemit and now they see that it's at a risk of going away or simply not working as well as they expected when they first came here, yes. And I also know that this has been the lowest price Steem has reached in a fair amount of time and maybe that's why people have been going the craziest I've ever seen them! From stopping to post absolutely or just abandoning their accounts altogether without ever looking back at them! It's just like the apocalypse has come for us and we have nothing to do to prevent it, which is something i'd like to talk about a little more.

Why worry about something we can't control?

Yes, the prices are LOW as HELL but hasn't this happened already? Haven't you stressed enough in the last couple of months? In my opinion it's okay to worry a bit the first time it happens, but the third one? or the fifth one? We should be taking this more casually and accepting the fact that this is regular in crypto economics, We also know that sometime it's gonna go back up again maybe to the price it had reached, so we can all start working and get some fair earnings again! Or maybe if we're lucky it'll rebound to a new height we haven't seen before! Can you imagine that? But my job in here is not to get your hopes high, my job right now is to get you relaxed and talk about videogames. OK? OK. Let's get on with it!


Have you ever while playing a game or just listening to the OST of an old game you adored, catched a tune that made you go Oh... and then you just get drifted back into a nostalgic trip that makes you feel numb but also relaxed and dreamy in a good way? You get so immersed into what your ears are being stimulated by, you feel like you could be on an endless voyage of relaxation while listening to that specific song. You feel so relaxed you believe you could just start floating around at any second from the sheer profound C h i l l w a v e you're listening to.

Has that happened to you while listening to any song? I've got some serious relax tracks over here I always listen too when I'm stressed and I know I could use some rest. I think you guys might know them and actually recognize them! Just make sure to close your eyes and sit back after hitting play, it's so much better that way, trust me.

These are just songs I could listen to while on a trip and completely drift off into my imagination.

Have you understood the feeling i'm trying to convey in here? That feeling of knowing you can let yourself go whenever a song like this plays in? Have you ever felt it before? What songs have made you feel like this? From what games? Please let us know in the comments! But before I sign off, I'd like to show you guys the song that gives me strongest feeling of chill and relaxation. Coming from Zelda's newest entry, Breath of the Wild, this songs welcomes you in by playing a new version of an old song from Wind Waker. Executing a call back to one of the greatests song in gaming but hey, that's just my opinon, take a look!

When I first reached the Rito Village in Breath of the Wild it took me like 5 solid minutes of taking the song into my brain and realizing what it was. I simply stopped when I placed the pieces together, I stopped and dropped my controller, just taking the notes and the atmosphere in as it welcomed me. It was as if my old self who had played Wind waker on the gamecube back in the day was waving back at me saying something like "Yep Dragon Roost Island is back, my dude" But with Breath of the wild's new and liberating atmosphere.


In the end, besides being nostalgic and submerged into a universe of great game Original soundtracks, there's a major point I wanted to bring out to you guys. Sometimes we just have to stop what we're doing and just take a second or even a minute to take a deep breath and realize that maybe our problems are not that big as they seem.

When it comes to crypto, the situation we're in is bound to happen someday but that doesn't mean it's the end of the world, life just has it's high and lows and maybe we're on the lows right now but that doesn't mean you, me or Steemit has failed in any way, we just have to keep being cool or OP in this case and not let our circumstances guide the way we act or behave since that could harm us in some way.

But hey guys as I say goodbye I'd like you to send me whatever songs make you completely relax, no judging in here! I only want to know this because someone once told me that the songs that you listen to somewhat define who you are. And who am I if it isn't the guy who wants to talk to each and everyone of you who's reading this!

And now it's your turn! Sound off here or at OPgaming discord which is linked below! Peace!


This topic was suggested by me, lol. We're always looking for new topics from our members. If you have an awesome idea for a discussion thread, we want to hear it! Drop by the @opgaming discord and drop it in the chat, put it in a comment on one of these threads, do what you gotta do to let us know about it. We just might include it and give you a shoutout!

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The Final Fantasy games are pretty famous for having some relaxing music in them. Find Your Way comes to mind off the top of my head:

There's a couple songs in Legend of Mana, as well. Moonlit City Roa is the theme song for Lumina, but the tune is incredibly relaxing to listen to:

Loved the Legend of Mana one! I can definitely see myself drifting away if I close my eyes while listening to this!

It's a fantastic game, too!

What system is it out for?

PS1, though you can find it on the PSN Classics on the PS3. I have a PS1 copy.

If you haven't choose one from Final Fantasy VIII I'd probably choose one instead, though I think the Balamb Garden song is more relaxing:

Woosh! Really enjoying it! I feel like this could make me play FFVIII from just the music of the game! Who's up for turning the game on and then letting it just play on it's own so the music plays endlessly?

  ·  last year (edited)

If you do you'll hear this song so many times, a lot of things happen in Balamb Garden... Also the game might make you learn some Latin.

My favorite though is the Boss theme:

It's far from relaxing,
it just means your about to fight someone that might stop you!!


It has that FF vibe the music is recognized for and also contains that sort of epic feeling to it! I really like it!

Yeah, the music itself tells you that the situation needs fast and critical thinking!!

(Someone should make another member rant... Maybe about music that makes us cathartic or games that lulls us to calmness by making us careful to win it. I'll do it if need be. Resteem'd and upvot'd btw.)

That'd be great, man! Definitely worth talking about!

DM one of the admins on the discord. We'll talk.

On top of my head there's a song that can make me feel totally relaxed or totally pumped up depending on the situation I'm in. Final Fantasy VII Main Theme:

For relaxing songs most of Chrono Cross non-battle/non-tragic themes qualify but "Anri Village (Home Word)" gives me relaxing feel:

Next is: The end of Time! It might as well be called The Relaxation Time!

I'm not a fan of gaming music but I like relaxing songs

It feels a little bit like cheating because it's not really video game music so much as music that made its way into a video game, but Homeworld's version of Adagio for Strings set to a choir is fantastic.

The Cave Story soundtrack is what I go back to most often, however.

In Cave Story, the world is so poignant despite its simplicity, and it makes your role as the hero even more important. Nobody can save the world but you, and you're not going to get it done in time to save everyone.

Years later, Undertale came out with some similar things in its soundtrack (disclaimer: I've never actually played Undertale, which must make me some sort of barbarian), but Cave Story was the first game that I really felt a deep, tragic connection to the characters during. In other games, losing an ally was frustrating or annoying, or preventable easily.

I should really play Undertale, and should really buy Cave Story... I heard great things about both.

The original Cave Story is free, and it's still fantastic.

I personally prefer the original 8-bit style, but Cave Story+ does add to the experience in other ways.

I'll check that, know a direct link?


It has a lot of stuff, including ports to a bunch of different platforms.

Thanks, I know from the start it's a great game what I didn't know "how & why?"

Dude omg I had totally forgotten about that song from Undertale in particular. I feel like I could dissapear for a whole week while playing that game, it's just that relaxing and welcoming overall.

I'm really having the feels for wanting to play it again... But I also wanted to mention I liked the other songs you put alongside that one. The Cave story one really got me lulled and interested. I might play it too!

Really great songs my dude, you succesfully made me relax and drift off.

how about this one? haha

My god, the silent hill ost is just spine chilling, lol, But I do get where you're getting at. Really really nice choice my dude!

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Mobius Final Fantasy's Prelude:

Aion, The Wings of Knight by Origa

Streets of Rage, Alley Stage


I'm telling you its A Link to the Past:

I have included Turtle Rock as the start time, because even though it was supposed to be scary it somehow puts me into a trance like focus where my fingers can do any combination of buttons required!

GREAT topic!

I listened to like half of it and oh boy that was amazing! I feel like I could get pumped by listening to it but also relax and chill if I wanted to! Really nice gem you pointed out, man!

  ·  last year (edited)

Zelda: Great Fairy Theme.

I'm leaving instructions to play the orchestrated version of this at my funeral. Not joking.

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