Minnows this may be your opportunity - why I plan continuing as normal

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I've seen many people saying that are going to reserve their good posts until after the reward situation is clarified. I know what it is like to spend hours on a post and to know that it was not rewarded appropriately. This is not vanity, just common sense.

However common sense also tells me my post has not reached the target audience that would appreciate it. How would I be able to solve this problem? Simply, by getting more followers. Now how would I get more followers....? Well by doing the same thing I have been doing since I began my Steemit journey last year. Keep on plugging on. 

With many opting to hold back their posts, perhaps my posts will gain more visibility and that would hopefully translate to more followers. Hopefully (again) my posts showing in their "home" feed will result in more votes, which will hopefully (yes, this is the third one) more rewards when the reward situation resolves itself.

I could quite easily be totally wrong, but since my rewards weren't huge to begin with, I'm quite happy to go with the flow. Other minnows, maybe this is also your opportunity to be noticed?

Thank you for reading. Please follow me @onetree

(it is FUN being part of this experiment!)

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I am going to carry on posting like you my posts never made that much so might aswell build a following :)

Yup, couldn't agree more!

I believe you are 100% correct! Now is the time to post MORE of your quality posts and commit to following new and new-to-you people, building your tribe. I think this is going to be a good thing and my gut feeling is that post rewards are going to increase significantly as you get closer to the 7th day. Now, if I read it correctly, in layman's terms, the reward pool is based on a 30-day "fill" so it may be a whole month before we get a true indicator but I'm a patient woman....and I'd like to be proven right. LOL

You and me both. Also people take this whole thing soooooo seriously. Let's play around and experiment a bit.

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