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RE: Your 2 Cent Vote is Worthless, The Real Deal on Dust Votes

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Thanks for posting about this. I've been ranting about this ever since Tims post. It really burns me. My vote (with delegation) is 0.4 and I've seen it reduce to nothing by the time it pays out. It sucks because we are all accustomed to trying to vote on comments we want to curate and comments where we want to say thank you. Horrible really. All of our habits and expectations need to change to consider this.

I just want to share that I give out SBI almost every other week on my blog. Posting every day has been my only option to hopefully power up some soon before my delegation is gone. May the force be with all minnows in these trying times.


It's just important for everyone to understand the rules to work within them. There are actually some legit reasons to have this in place and I get the server constraints along with the spammer issues. I'm torn on this issue, but the rules are the rules and for now it's just about educating as many of those effected by the rule as possible.

"All of our habits and expectations need to change to consider this."

You got that right - I just found this now. I have a "bigger" vote and always makes sure it is over 1 cent before voting on anything. Sometimes I blast through comments on a post to encourage people.

Now I guess I want to get to 3 cents instead. I'm fine with this - just tell me!!!

I'm fine with this - just tell me!!!

Exactly. I spent well over an hour reading the entire FAQ thinking maybe it must be there. It isn't. So this hidden penalty wipes out a bunch of voting weight that is calculated into the pool and then redistributes it to the votes that are paying out. Which again is fine, but let us know in advance so we are part of the group wasting their vote and instead can maximize our efforts here. Feel like it's a hidden tax.

I spent well over an hour reading the entire FAQ thinking maybe it must be there. It isn't.

Nope. Not in there. Someone on his post asked him and he was kind enough to truthfully say it was not there.

That's why I questioned the vision and intentions of the Steemian powers that be in that post, the one that led me there by @maverickinvictus and others.

It's one thing to have a rule that flies in the face of what Steemit purports to be - a place where anyone can come, share value that serves the community and make friends and crypto $$.

It's quite another to hide such an important rule so that no one knows about it and have people trying to encourage and support others with worthless upvotes.

I've calmed down since then but it's left a bad taste in my mouth and makes me realize we need top Witnesses who care about things like this that work against small members in our Steemian community.

I'm fine with this - just tell me!!!

That's the one request I made of Tim Cliff on his post, other than deleting this biased-against-small fish rule no one knew about.

Asked him to ensure that the $0.00-$0.019 rounded down rule be clearly put in the FAQ's and other important areas so peeps can KNOW about it.

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