I'm Done Using Streemian - How To Revoke Authorization

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Is Streemian done?

It can't seem to decide, but I'm done with Streemian.

This post shows you how to revoke your posting authorization for Streemian, then explains why you might want to. Basically we're at a dead end, and it's time to make a choice.


How To Revoke Your Streemian Authorization

There are 2 easy ways to revoke your authorization for Streemian. Removing your authorization requires your username and active key, whichever tool you decide to use:

  1. Revoke authorization through SteemConnect - quick and easy
  2. Use Streemian's Lock/Unlock App - a little confusing

Using the Lock/Unlock app, you will be presented with options for activating your account. Only after you enter your username will the app recognize you as a registered user and offer you the option to deactivate.

Announcing The End of Streemian

Streemian has offered auto-voting and curation trail services for almost 2 years now. Nine days ago, @chainsquad posted an announcement that Streemian would be closing down, effective immediately.

"Until a successor is found that wants to continue this service, all operations and services are halted. The login will be kept available, as well as the Lock/Unlock App, so people can safely remove authorization to post on their behalf from their account."

The announcement went on to explain that they hoped to hand the service off to a successor, if one could be found.

LOL, Just Kidding! Not The End of Streemian

Then about a week later, chainsquad announced Streemian was coming back up. Apparently, chainsquad had found a successor (described only as a "reputable party").


Now To Post A Week's Worth Of Your Upvotes In 1 Day!

Streemian then took the baffling move of restarting everyone's voting through the service, as far back as possible. The same voting they had announced they stopped. The same voting that automatically upvoted the announcement (under the default settings).

"We are pleased to thus announce that streemian.com is back and currently catching up with 6 days of missed actions"

The earnings for that post are now sitting over $1000 despite some heavy downvotes. The previous announcement (of the shutdown) received plenty of auto-votes from Streemian users, but it was more heavily downvoted and now sits around just $32 in rewards.

Too Much Uncertainty To Keep Using Streemian Now

A lot of people are crying foul over chainsquad earning rewards for these two Streemian posts. Not me.

Streemian makes its self-promotion vote authorizations pretty clear during signup, and these two posts are the only ones they've used that authority on in over a year. As a cost of using the otherwise free service, two upvotes per year seems pretty cheap to me, even if Streemian wasn't always reliable.

I'm more bothered by Streemian running 6 days of my upvotes in one marathon session. That move sucker-punched my voting power, and it completely threw off any curation rewards I could expect from those upvotes, because those rewards depend very much on good timing. Luckily I had mostly switched my auto-votes over to SteemAuto already, but it still put a dent in me.

On top of that, who is this "reputable party" and what will they be doing with the service? What changes can we expect? At this point, it's anyone's guess. I'll wait on the sidelines to find out, rather than get hit with any more surprises.

Use SteemAuto Instead

For now, anyone who wants to do automatic voting should use SteemAuto. SteemAuto provides most of the same services that Streemian did (like fanbase and curation trails), along with some that Streemian never offered (like automatically claiming your rewards and auto-voting in your own comment section).

And of course, you can follow my curation trail on SteemAuto to earn yourself curation rewards automagically.

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I didn't know all that backstory about streemian.
I am now using steemauto as well.


Yeah, SteemAuto also doesn't charge anything for the service. No payment, no upvotes, nothing.

The developer of SteemAuto is @mahdiyari, also a witness and the developer of SteemFollower.


One thing that I wish it had, that autosteem had was including things like keywords. Or limit # of votes to a certian user during a day.
So you could set it up for: One vote a day for user olyup if keyword doesn't = colorchallange

it was good that i learned it. A really useful post. Thank you.

I didnt know the steem auto. it will be a good choice. thanks

Thanks for this info. I will try SteemAuto!

Nice post

Glad you shared all this useful detail about revoking keys. It is very important to know these things before actually granting anyone your keys too.

The founder of steemAuto is also the person running steemfollower. @mahdiyari is a great guy and I have voted him as witness. So far, the things I heard about steemauto seems to be good if we are looking for an alternative to streemian. Thanks for sharing this to help everyone in the platform!