Curation contest STEEMIT (IF YOU ARE NOT IN KRAKOW YOU ARE NOT - I REPEAT: NOT!!! - PERMITTED TO VOTE ON THIS POST (a 100 SBD fine will be given to those who don't comply)

in steemit •  last year  (edited)

Hey everyone!

This is the official curation contest demo post that will be used for the attendees of the Crypto Café in Kraków. Here, there will be an internal competition to earn the most curation rewards on this - yes, this - post.

Any upvotes from any other person than the ones present at the event is strictly forbidden, and will face an extremely harsh punishment from me. I will give you a 100 SBD fine.

Ready, set, go!

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@hamacrylic and @reluctantmature: 100 SBD fines for you, too.

@bolendik - you will now get a 100 SBD fine.