[Fighting COVID-19] Staying at home

in #steemit3 months ago

I don't even remember how many days I have stayed at home. Accidentally, I think about Steemit which platform I haven't logged in for 6 months.
I used to enjoy staying at home, lying on my beloved bed and watching movies. It may be before I don't have much time to do so but at the moment I have way too much time staying at home.
Same to other people, most of my time is spent either in the bedroom or the kitchen. I am writing this post because I want to showcase some of my results lol.
Slow-cooked beef served with bread vs Red grape juice (no alcohol here)

Squid noodle soup


Mapo Tofu - Special Chinese Cuisine

Deep-fried sweet potato with corn and wheat flour by my housemate

Lastly, A cup of hot soy milk to end my fatty day.

Take care everyone,