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When it's seemingly all you have; it's all you'll do.
What could that mean?

What is it?

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Say Nothing

What Have I Done?

In the early days, I would promote the living fuck out of this place.

Some of you might remember the posts I wrote a long time ago about my work here being shared all over the place. Slowly but surely, this character known as @NoNamesLeftToUse The Writer/Artist Himself was getting geared up to go viral.

Fun Fact: When googling "the writer/artist himself" and hitting the 'image' tab...

Screenshot (531).png
Look who it is! Hit 1, 3 and 5; me. Your results may vary.


I had a system of dropping links on other platforms; my links.

Some old posts were taking off; some were going nowhere, which was fine. I treated it like I was standing on top of a skyscraper, dropping flyers on the people walking down below. Some flyers would get picked up, others would get stepped on.

The end result of my efforts can no longer be proven; there isn't a view counter here anymore.

When we had a view counter, I'd check in on a few of the old posts which I noticed were constantly getting new views, every month or so, to see where they were at. Some had hundreds of views, some had thousands; always climbing.

Altogether, my work was seen by thousands upon thousands of outside eyes. Each time someone looked, that was a free advertisement for this platform.

I still do this.

I don't know if it's working or not.

I don't know if people signed up because of me. I know, if I'm on Facebook and see a link, I'll click the link, it'll take me to an article, nearly every site out there gives people an opportunity to signup; I never signup. I read the article and leave, so I assume majority who saw my work read it, then left. Maybe seeing the money was something that piqued their interest, maybe not; I don't know.

I do know, I at least try.

I think if it said, "Get paid to enjoy this content," more would sign up. We'd have to offer curators a larger cut of the reward for that to work. I know some content producers are against that idea. Some say people wouldn't produce content. They don't know anything, obviously...

Screenshot (504).png
...but I digress.

I can tell you right now:

Nobody, outside of this platform, will give a flying fuck about this article.

This is not something I'd share elsewhere. There's no point. The only market for this post, is this market, here.

Do you know why?

Because this is not #actual-content.

Is this post valuable? Sure, to someone here; but only here. I'm targeting an audience; you, the members of this community, are that target. Nearly everything I'm saying will only make sense, to you; and I know this.

Majority of the other work I publish here is targeted towards both you, and everyone else outside of this platform. Not everyone will enjoy my other work, but that doesn't matter. As long as some people enjoy it, that's good enough. Some people like country music, others enjoy punk rock.

What do you produce?

Do you know your audience?

Could your work be considered relevant to millions outside of this platform, for many years to come, or is it directed at a handful of people, here, and outdated within a month?

That's not something you need to answer. That's something you need to ask yourself, before publishing.

Is your work clean? If you consider it to be timeless and think it could appeal to millions of people, did you include a mass of information and spam near the end that would only make sense to a handful of people, here? If you did, just know, you could potentially confuse millions of people.

Pro-tip: Keep it clean. If you need to include a long signature, write an 'about the author' post and include a link to that post within your new, shortened, nice and clean, signature. You can edit your 'about the author' post at any time.

I don't like to criticize my fellow content producers.

Some appear to be lost; some look like they know where they're going.

Personally, I love the variety here. Sure, I have to dig for it; sometimes you folks just fall into my lap as well when you leave a comment and I go snooping to see what you're all about.

Personally, I prefer timeless content that could potentially appeal to millions, and that could be many things. I'm not a harsh critic, at all. Life stories, photos, essays, fiction, art, jokes, music, vlogs; doesn't matter to me as long as I find it to be entertaining and it comes equipped with your own unique personality and perspective.

I hope some of you out there realize your work is world worthy; I hope you share your links on other platforms and know those eyes are just as important as these eyes here.

Want to know what bothers me?

I'll tell you, and I'll be nice about it.

When your content, my content, our content, gets buried and ignored, and posts about the current conditions of this platform hog the spotlight.

The combination of cheerleading posts, and hater posts, grabbing all the attention, while our timeless material that could potentially appeal to the masses, gets ignored.

I'm standing up for nearly everyone when I say something like:

  • Those hardfork 20 posts are useless, today.
  • Those seemingly endless flag war posts are useless, today.
  • The current value of the token from last Wednesday is useless, today.
  • Anything that Ned does, did or said last month, is useless, today.
  • That post about someone doing something you didn't like, is useless, today.

I could keep going but you get the point.

Okay, fine, everyone has an opinion. This platform is something we all have in common. I get it, I really do.

That stuff isn't as appealing to the outside eyes as it is to the inside eyes. How often do you go to Youtube and look for videos about the current state of Youtube? Wouldn't it be weird if the top trending posts on Youtube were all about Youtube? Do you give a shit if one Youtuber hates another Youtuber? Do you even know the names of the people in charge of Youtube?

I literally hate myself right now.

I'm writing another goddamn Steemit post.

Who gives a shit about this! Really?! Who cares!

I'm not trying to sound negative, but this sucks! This is the worst post I've ever written! Sure, maybe it's well written, and yeah, some of you out there are nodding your heads...

But damn!

Our talents! What about our talents?

I know this is a tough time, for everyone. I get it.

What the fuck are we doing though? Seriously?

Our talents are what got us this far. We need to focus!

We look like a bunch of monkeys fucking a football!

To the outside world.

Is this a zoo or a social/blogging/content sharing platform?!

Do we seriously need to constantly remind ourselves how strong this community is every five posts!?

Does a lion need to tell you it's a lion?


It acts like a lion and everyone can see that it's a goddamn lion!


I don't know why I snapped but this is one hell of a lot better than that shit post I was writing before!

Don't take this the wrong way! Take this the right way!

If I was a wrestler standing in the middle of a wrestling ring on a microphone in the city of Chicago and I said Chicago, the crowd would cheer.

That doesn't take talent!

If all I have to do to make $100 around here is say, "Steemit! Fuck yeah!"

Well then...


Fuck yeah!

But that's the last time because I have better things to do.

Fuck this post...

I quit.

Have a nice day!

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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"I'm just fucking around again!"

Images © 2018 @NoNamesLeftToUse.  All rights reserved.


You would have to write this on my second steemiversary when I will definitely be doing a steemit related post, LOL, but you know that most of my posts are not about this place so it's all good :-) You are making me wonder if I should reassess my signature, then again it's not the focus of my post and if it makes outside eyes wonder what it's about it's not necessarily a bad thing.

But I do tend to agree with a large percentage of things you say. Not having a view counter is particularly...urksome (I hate that word, but it's so appropriate ha)

It's funny, I was thinking about the cheerleader aspect, and yes I've been a steemit cheerleader but I would say that this has morphed more into being a cheerleader for the people of steemit rather than the platform itself. I have made friends here that are lifelong, a couple of them don't even post much anymore but we're still in constant contact. I'm forever grateful to this place for the relationships I've made never mind anything else. My life would be a lot grayer had I not met you for instance, and I don't just refer to your art :)

It's oddly comforting to me that the current lack of interest and overall quiet here is not actually a steem issue, but a crypto one. Because crypto will rise again and steem along with it, of that I'm sure, so for now we just have a more intimate setting and that's okay with me. I've learned to enjoy the parts of the ride that are slower and less exciting.

But yeah, really well said, as these types of posts by you always are :)


I love this. I don't love posts about steemit. I never read them, excepting yours because you have the writer/artist himself flair. You make some good points to support the decision I already made to have little interest in the politics here. I think there must be a little underground group of people like myself that just want to do their art and look at other people's. Maybe my group is lazy, or maybe we have enough other stuff to occupy us that we find more fulfilling...like actual content.

Actual content is where it's at and I've been involved in these politics, standing up for actual content, for a very long time now. Pardon my language but it's fucking sickening and I'm bored of it. The actual content is staying underground, where it doesn't belong.

We non-steemit-politics reading people appreciate your vigilance.

I do care about this and your thoughts are great perspectives that should give more people here the opportunity to reflect what to do both as individuals and as a group during these times. The changes seen in the development of the ecosystem have been plenty but seems to have gone too broad to fast which probably has had an impact of its external attractiveness to your analysis. However, I think we are getting to an inflection point where decisions will need to be made by the community and its backers to focus on the areas that will create value and adoption.

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Want to know what worked really good, for a long time, and made this place appealing?

Actual content and actual curators curating actual content.

I can't figure out why I'm seeing such a huge decline in engagement and rewards going to the actual content. I noticed start happening a long time ago. I also noticed many people now sell their votes here and post elsewhere. I also noticed vote sellers acting like cheer leaders instead of looking at themselves in the mirror. Say one thing, but do the opposite...

Agreed! I have seen more and more about vote selling but can’t understand how that benefit anyone... unless you are just dumping money here for a return... I was actually thinking of giving it a try when I go on vacation to see what it does compared to my manual curation efforts but I am struggling to see the long term sustainability of doing so...

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There isn't any long term stability. If everyone wanted to purchase votes so they could jockey for position on the trending page (they sell the idea as a way to give posts "visibility"), the model would collapse within a day. All members who paid for a top slot would get buried within a few seconds by the next one who paid for a top slot. That means the buyer would not get what they pay for, it would be a waste of money and the more expensive the slots become, the more the seller makes, the less the buyer gets. Meanwhile, the thousands of people who do not participate in this madness get buried, they're content stands no chance of reaching the top slots. The top slots are not owned by those offering the top slots with paid votes. They're simply exploiting a flaw in the UI, for profit, and they don't care how many people it hurts because the goal is short term. Long term is impossible because like I said, the moment the business model becomes as successful and makes as much money as it possibly can is the very moment the entire model falls in on itself. It's a disaster in the making and could potentially destroy the entire economy here, along with the community.

Thank you for reminding us to share links on other platforms.

There's some good takeaway here. What I discovered early on was my actual content would get hundreds if not thousands of outside views, but some of it was ignored here. One of my most popular 'funny' had thousands of views and 10 cents reward. Just the other day I touched on how I reached reputation 72, though I didn't want to talk about it. Look which post was rewarded the highest lately. This post, not so popular. Previous art post, didn't see a comment come in until an hour later. So I could chase the money, say happy things about this place, but have nothing to share with the rest of the world, or continue and hope I don't die out due to lack of interest, while everyone else is cheerleading and saying how awesome this place is on the surface. A slippery slope.

There is good takeaway. Don't forget that the timing of when you post matters too. It matters less to your followers who will come looking than to strangers who haven't found you yet. Right after I made my comment here, I posted a link to a recent post on Twitter since it's for a current tourist attraction. Someone might find it useful.

It's free advertising for everyone, it looks better for everyone if the actual content is being rewarded when the actual content starts circulating outside of this place. Actual content is genuine. I don't visit the National Geographic website when I see a link talking about how great the National Geographic community is. The top trending post today for instance is worthless to the outside world, yet it's earning hundreds. For what? Another post worth $500, it's advertisement about a member becoming an orca. What's an orca to the outside world? "This just in: Human gets species change. Now swims with fish in the ocean." Worthless cheerleading, getting us nowhere. This stuff only happens when people are worried. It's like they're doing a Walmart cheer. Quiet confidence is far more appealing. I'm just rambling. Those rewards on those posts aren't even organic. If those posts got shared around, they send the wrong message. All smoke and mirrors. People show up, earn a dollar for their first post, and it's the first time ever publishing, earning a dollar is amazing, yet they instantly feel like they're failing. Then what? They drop producing actual content and start cheerleading. Their cheerleading makes them look desperate for attention at that point but they're trying to emulate what appears to be popular, yet what's popular is all smoke and mirrors. Not good for business, there's no value there, no talent. Pardon me if my version of what I think is the truth sounds negative. I'm only trying to be realistic.

It's always nice to bump into people that get marketing.

It looks like you shot Say Nothing all to pieces.

Yeah, that's basically what I did. It was a nice black and white picture and I unleashed my inner beast upon it.

Serves it right for being all black and white like that. As if things are always that simple.

Know your audience is definitely required and there is far too much inward facing content that adds little value to anyone. I am hoping the apps will encourage more outward facing material.

Since I do produce a fair amount of Steem nonsense now I have to defend done level of it if it provides utility or improved behaviours. I would say that many smaller users powering up currently wouldn't be without exposure to steem material. In time if the platform develops, the type and volume will decrease dramatically though with much of it pushed out into an app itself like @steemonboarding.

I certainly don't have any issues with genuine educational content. I knew I should have thrown that disclaimer stuff in. There's nothing wrong with specifically targeting this audience. When it's useless both ways though, inside and out, and it's the same crap over and over and over... what the hell are we doing?

Warm fuzzy comforting messages on one side, and all this FUD on the other. The actual content, where is it? Leaving.

Don't take what I said personally. You offer your own unique perspective and your approach comes off as genuine. People who are genuinely helping others, great! That genuine stuff deserves more attention than it gets as well. The drama, the cheerleading... what's the point? They're basically reposting the same thing and getting rewarded for lacking talent in all departments. It takes a certain degree of talent to be able to articulate wisdom and pass that on to the next. I don't know what to say though.

I don't take it personally, I just thought I would have to throw up that other side (knowing you knew and you knew I knew that you knew). I actually look forward to one day focusing more on the things I enjoy producing for personal intrinsic value but for now I feel that a lot of my time is better used supporting the visualization of the ecosystem and potentials.

One day, I hope to be redundant.

One of these days maybe I'll learn my lesson and stop thinking people would be interested in enjoying some self-irony. I think we should be able to laugh at ourselves during rough times and really, that's all I was going for with this post. I write a nice smart post and just turn it into a train wreck!

I've done a lot for this place but I mask it. When I try to get serious, I just end up sounding like an asshole. I don't feel welcome half of the time. Maybe I'm just tired.

Ha, I hope that isn't because of me :P

I really enjoy these posts of yours as I think it supplements your 'normal' content and gives a profile perspective of the The Writer/Artist Himself. The value you bring here comes in many forms that appreciated, rewarded or liked, still add to the foundation of Steem.

The Writer/Artist Himself is a character. It's me, but this is me, too. There's not many who truly understand what I'm doing here. Not many have spoken to me, behind the scenes. Sometimes I'll share things about my life here. Very rarely. My brand needs to stay out of the politics here. That's what I need to work on. I can be helpful, but when I step out of character to be myself, elsewhere, then those folks snoop and see what I'm doing here, as entertainment, I don't think it makes much sense to people. You're you, some folks around here have public figure personas, and some of us are crazy artists, and that art extends far beyond swirly looking pictures of color.

I concur. Talent is undervalued and instead posts about the platform or the value of crypto or the value of steem or the love steemit/hate steemit get a ridiculous amount of attention. But exactly as you say, no-one outwith the platform gives a fuck for those kind of posts .

I lol'd at the signatures bit. That does my head in

I don't know what the hell to say anymore. I'm speechless. Imagine that. After all these years. I'm not angry, it's just fucked. I follow over 600 people now, I've removed plenty over the years because they went silent for a LONG time (forever), I'm watching even more leave, too soon to unfollow, hoping they come back, because they had talent, I enjoyed their stuff. I don't know what to say...

Them leaving says more about them than about here.

Fuck them. If people want somewhere to blog and get their stuff out there they will go wherever suits them best. If that's here then good, if not then, well, fuck them.

It's important to remember that all of crypto is down. When it's up people will come back when it's down they will leave because for them, it's not worth it.

There are other problems sure but that's the nature of a platform that people can make money from. People will come (and stay) when the price is right for them.

Some of those folks sell their votes here and post on other platforms now. What's up with that...

Chasing the cash and never really interested in content. There is no cash in other platforms. Perhaps that's why they like it. Some people have no content to give

This would be a great time to give curators more, since it's true, some folks can't produce content. I'd like to see them come back and be rewarded for simply enjoying the show. I ain't nothing without an audience. I'd rather take a pay cut and have my stage back instead of the pay cut I'm taking in front of all these empty chairs. Man... I don't know what to say.

You still have an audience here. Admittedly, it's too small and poor, but I sometimes try to make it sound bigger by loudly opening bags of crisps.

Are those three roses?

That's just me putting holes in my content.

Dude, I was thinking this morning "If Steem sinks like it appears to do recently, this guy will be legendary. All this work and art without making a cent." I mean, think about it. Imagine Steem going down to 0,00001$ and die for good, you will be like a modern, digital version of Vincent van Gogh (well, that's a great exaggeration but you get the point). Tragic but at the same time quite epic ;)

I don't know what to say. I went above and beyond as well. Did as much as I could for this place. Worked my ass off. Yeah, what you said.

Still close to Remembrance Day, I thought you drew 3 poppies!

Hello @nonameslefttouse, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

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