Why Steemit Is Good For People With ADHD

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For years, I said ADHD wasn’t real. Then one day, I realized that I was always busy but never productive.

It just hit me like a ton of bricks that it couldn’t possibly be normal how hard I could work all day long only
to look down at my to-do list and see maybe just half a thing done.

That's when I decided to get tested for adult ADHD. The doctor told me I was the most severe level possible. I think that's what he said, anyway. I forgot we were talking mid-convo because that's typical behavior.

Turns out ADHD is a lot more than just not being able to focus or being hyperactive.
But I’m not going to go into all the details on that today.

Someone really close to me recently said “Steemit is perfect for you and your ADHD.”

It got me thinking.

They’re totally right. I don’t know why I never put it together before, but I think part of why I love Steemit
so much is because it’s the EXACT type of thing a brain like mine needs!

I mean, getting paid to blog and be creative is insane, and an amazing opportunity for everyone.

But for people with ADHD, I think the opportunity that Steemit gives us is extra special.

Here’s why:

Steemit Lets You Focus On Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses.

ADHD can be really exhausting. Often times, ADHDers end up feeling really down on themselves because they are constantly being reminded of their weaknesses, everywhere they go. Like, they work jobs that require a lot of working memory, but they’re working memory ain’t workin’ if ya know what I mean, haha.

But on Steemit, you can focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses or symptoms. You can focus on your passions.

And, if your passions change because repetitiveness kinda kills an ADHD soul. With Steemit, it’s okay.

You can produce whatever you want. You can explore photography. You can paint a painting and share it. You can love cooking and then get paid for that. You can create music.

Whatever it is that your’e passionate about, you can find a way to express that on the platform.

In just that way alone, Steemit is a total freaking godsend for people with ADHD.

Not to mention, no one EVER gets mad at me for the plethora of typos and grammatical errors I make on every single post. I don’t usually notice my mistakes until way after I make them, or at all.

But that doesn’t seem to matter here, and I’m really glad because that graciousness allows me to just be me without fear.

It’s A Great Way To Get Out Creativity

I remember I wanted to go to school for some type of art, and my parents said it wasn’t practical. I wanted to please them, so I didn’t do it (although because I’m a stubborn kid with a thick head I started forging my own path in efforts to prove them wrong).

I have a totally different mindset now and see a huge value in a lot of artistic endeavors. @zord189 for example has a pretty cool career animating for kids tv in Malaysia!!

I’ve learned over time that you can do whatever it is you want to do! I think my parents have come around in that area, too. They support anything I want to do now.

I love that steemit gives us a platform to do whatever it is that we want, while getting paid, AND making a close group of friends while doing it.

Almost everyone who has ADHD is creative. It’s a super awesome side effect, I think. I LOVE the creativity inside my brain. I think it’s a little too much sometimes, and should probably go take a nap when it gets out of control, but I feel like my creativity is definitely a superpower.

Steemit encourages me to get all of the creativity out.

You Get Immediate Feedback

My friend was saying that sometimes for ADD people it’s harder to do something like start a business and wait for 2 whole years before we see a penny come in.

This is true.

I’ve started lots of businesses. I’m a VERY strong starter. I’m NOT the best finisher. Historically, I haven’t been able to stick with most things for too long unless I’m partnered up with somebody or someone else is depending on me.

The things I HAVE been able to stick to have had something that forces me to get it done, like school. My teachers gave me deadlines. I knew what my grades were within a few days of handing in each paper or test.

With steemit, I don’t have to wait for 2 years to see a profit like I had to wait when starting a business.

I would get excited about a new business idea and just hop on to the next one before I had a chance to finish the first.

With steemit, I can write one post, and that’s it. No waiting for two years. You only have to wait 7 days to get a payout.

Seriously, that’s a HUGE game changer and motivator for me and I’m sure for others with ADHD as well! . Even just .03 upvote or a comment is enough immediate feedback to keep me going!!!


Without deadlines, I’d probably never finish anything. I try to self-impose them, but that doesn’t always work, either. With Steemit, every day is a deadline.

If want to do at least a post a day, which means I have a deadline every day.

Naturally, I wait until absolutely last minute every day to finish my post… but so far, I’ve been able to get it done.

I’ve written a post every day without missing a day for the past 2 months. That’s a HUGE HUGE HUGE deal for me. I thank Steemit’s “deadlines” for motivating me.

I don’t have that kind of pressure on other social media platforms!!! I NEED that kind of pressure to be productive.

Great For Short Attention Span

If there’s a day that I absolutely CAN’T gather enough focus to write, I can do steepshot, and it's still a part of steemit. My steepshot posts go out to the same followers as I have on steemit.

If I need to do a video instead, because that’s how my brain is working on a certain day, I can post on dlive or dtube.

I love that steemit is a bunch of platforms rolled into one. I love not having to keep track of “this set of followers over here on this account, this set over here, etc. etc.”

Followers Are Friends

Sure, there are introverted ADHD people, but one of our characteristics tend to be that we’re personable, energetic and all that jazz. We like interacting with people. I love that on steemit, followers aren’t really followers. They’re more like friends.

I move around a lot, so I always have to make new friends. On steemit, it’s great to know that we’re all here supporting each other every day, no matter where I go.

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You got me so motivated just be reading this post. I can feel your enthusiasm and your positive energy and I totally agree with you.

I love steemit since it really does bring out the creativity within us. It makes us step out of the comfort zone since like you said there is no judgement and everyone is here to support each other. Well almost everyone.
Great to have you here @nomadicsoul and thanks for sharing your enthusiams. I need this today.


Thanks for your super kind comment!! You made me smile! I hope you have an amazing rest of your day! I'm actually ending mine (should've gone to bed an hour ago lol).

This is the best post I've read all week. I'm equally motivated to keep up with my strengths and skills. In my case, it's art, drawings, portraiture. I'm an artist and I make portrait sketches and artistic drawings for Steemians for some Steem.
Check out my blog guys!



Wow, thanks for the kind compliment!! I wasn't expecting anyone to say that about my post!

Your drawings are amazing!!! The pictures looks EXACTLY the same as the guy!! Down to the exact same shape of the eyes and the lines in the forehead. You're super talented! I'm so glad that steemit gave you a great place to share your art!

Thanks for stopping by :)


I'm glad people here appreciate my work. Thanks for the compliment. Whenever you want to make a portrait for yourself or a loved one, I'll be ready.

You are so awesome



But on Steemit, you can focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses or symptoms. You can focus on your passions.

A little tangent comment but I totally agree with this. I heard a lot of artists in college who said they would never be able to make any sort of income writing poetry, painting, etc. But there are so many platforms available to us these days (like Steemit!) that allow us to do exactly what you say...

Strength + Passion = Building your own creative space for self-fulfillment, fun, and a side income to sustain it and create more content!


True! I hope they recognize it someday. I wish I had realized it sooner, but oh well. At least I realizse it now! It's totally possible!

Thanks @nomadicsoul for this post. I'm resteeming right away.


wow, thank you!

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