Do It For The Steemit Post

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Do you ever find yourself debating whether to do something or not? So you say to yourself (don't pretend you don't talk to yourself, you know you do) "yanno what? I'll do it for the steemit post!"

Well, that very thing happened to me recently.

I was at the market in Hoi An, the place with the pretty lanterns, when someone asked me:

"Do you want to write something on a grain of rice?"

I started to say no and then walk off like I usually do when I don't want to end up spending money on useless things.

But then I thought, "I can write ANYTHING on the rice?"

And then the perfect word came to mind.

So I told her "okay, let's do this. And by that I mean you do this, because I am not good at writing on tiny rice."

So she got busy rubbing it in my face that she is talented and I am not.

Then I had to choose the color and shape.

I chose clear to make sure you could see the words.

I picked a heart shape because I REALLY love the thing that I decided to have forever engraved into a piece of rice.

Can you see it? Can you see the word?

I had her write "Steemit!"

It was the perfect thing to write on a rice and stick it in a heart-shaped keychain that will last forever until you lose it.

When I get back to the states and can ship this thing, I'm going to give it to one of you guys (assuming I don't lose it first)!

I thought it would be so cool to give a Vietnam souvenir to one of my fellow steemians, to spread the steemit love!

So how about you, do you ever find yourself doing things so that you can write about it on steemit? Or do you justify doing something because you know that you CAN write about it on steemit?? It can go both ways!

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Hahaha I noticed! I wonder if you'd be caught dead in Costco otherwise!! hehehe


ahem Don't go back to the US, just come to Bangkok, we'll ship that little piece of rice for ya! (end ahem).

p.s. @suitcasemama and have agreed to only write posts on Bangkok until you come visit us!!! :)


You guys are the best!!! I think I'm going to have to go through Bangkok now.

Pretty soon, you’re going to start collecting crystals lol


haha no way! I stay far away from crystals

So funny! The good thing is that you gave some business to the locals using "steemit" how cool is that ;-)


Oh good point!!! I love that!!

That is a great idea. I love it. Pick me!


I'd love to pick you!

Hahhaa Vietnam is everything pretty much like Thailand. We're so damn close!!! the written rice was so popular years back here. I dm you on discord asking a question.. :D Letting you know here in case you're not really active on there ❤


Ah, cool! I never saw the rice thing in Thailand. Or if I did, I was super distracted by something else like mango sticky rice and not paying attention, haha.

Thanks for letting me know! I'm not active on there as much as I used to I should probably get back to that! I wouldn't have noticed for another entire week or so probably if you hadn't said something! I'll logon!


You're a funny one T^T hahaha ❤️

The journey to the moon starts with the a rice. One day we'll see this as well :-)


Doing something with a post on steemit on mind... for sure! Photography is one of my hobbies, and I find myself nowadays taking photos related to some of the weekly ongoing contests, photos that I normally wouldn't take. Maybe it's a steeminitis!! Great idea on that grain of rice :) Loved Hoi-An, although only spent very little time there.


Steeminitis, I like that! lol. I think it's cool you're taking new types of photos and seeing things in a different light. I do that too, so now life is like a scavenger hunt sometimes.

Did you go to Da Nang as well as Hoi An? I loved Hoi An, too!


It was on the travel plan, but only when I tried to book my diving I discovered it was winter time! And since I was visiting Cambodia too on that trip, I ended up doing beach time in Sihanoukville... the joys of travelling without anything booked! ;)

There are times I do things for steemit, and there are some other times I just do them, but most of them still ended up on steemit... Lol

What a beautiful creative idea you displayed there... I'm not in the state, I would have wait for you in the air port so as to get the it from you before you give it to others... Lol

very good my dear friend


thank you!

I've always wanted to do stuffs basically for the sake of writing about it on steemit. But sometimes I find it rather crazy.


Crazy can be fun!

Haha, I used to encourage myself to go out and do things more with the phrase "Do it for the Snap." I like your phrase better.


Same!!! I realized just today that I don't use snap much anymore! I'm guessing Steemit must be to blame for this!