A Newsletter From Steemit : SteemFest at Amsterdam😍😍😍

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Who else receive a letter from steemit??

It is for the upcoming SteemFest event. . .

This is the letter i have receive. . .

Hello Steem User!

A little over 6 months ago, the very first block of the Steem blockchain was minted. Since then the platform has grown to about 100,000 users and we have seen a diverse community, including yourself, thrive.
Your creative works, whether being posts, comments, drawings, videos, apps, stories, advice, or life lessons, is what makes this community unique. Through the many (fun, spam or serious) chats on Steemit.chat (online) relationships are born.
Let's turn those posts into presentations, workshops and performances.Let's turn those chats into party & cheers!Let's meet in Amsterdam at SteemFest 2016

SteemFest 2016
11 / 12 / 13 November
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Buy a ticket for 144 SBD (or € 111) and enjoy 2.5 days of presentations, panels, food & drinks (dinners / lunches / open bars), music and exploration of Amsterdam. But most of all: meet your fellow steem users from all over the world, in real life. And... to get you extra excited: Steem HQ decided to give 1000 SteemPower to every user showing up at SteemFest.

Confirmed to speak/perform at SteemFest so far: @ned, @dollarvigilante, @heiditravels, @infovore, @ericvancewalton, @tatianamoroz, @fairytalelife, @xeroc, @kevinwong, @anwenbaumeister, @pharesim, @riverhead, @svk, @firepower, @anyx, @allasyummyfood, @timsaid and @mauricemikkers. Timetable and some more names to be announced soon

Stay in the official SteemFest Volkshotel for a sharp package deal: 3 nights for € 285 per room. (2 people can stay 1 room). Book before 12 october.

Are you down for the 'dam ?
See you at Steemfest 2016!

Have a great weekend,
on behalf of @steemfest,

Is this true???

If this is true how i love to go hahaha

But i am one of those poor steemians better not😄😄

But ohhh who would be a nice santa clause for me???

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