My First Ballet Lesson: A True Story

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I have always liked ballet, maybe because of their beautiful costumes and the way the dancers look trim and pretty in them
From the way they point their toes to how they pack their hair,looking so graceful

The way they wear their leotards with their panty hose and their pointed ballet shoes.
But, what I never knew was the discipline involved in being graceful.

My First Class revealed the hardest truth to me.. A professional ballerina starts practicing at the age of 3 to 4years to prepare their cartilages and bones for the journey ahead.
They eat light and they also stretch a lot.


A ballerina is trained to dance, tell a story, entertain and make the audience understand what is being demonstrated. all this takes hard work and dedication.

My First ballet class I spinned and spinned until I could'nt stop my eyes from rotating and turning.
I learned how to do a single spin they call it puerette or something I don't know the spelling.
They the teacher kept talking about "flying like a bird and landing like a feather"...

All I could do was wonder how I could lift my weight into the air and still land weightless but all the kids in my class were doing so easily. I just started asking myself where were me? When all this kids were learning. 😀

As if that was not enough my teacher said I must learn how to stand on my toes and focus at a spot and spin and turn my head sharply to that particular spot. Omg! How.?
I nearly cried because I was too tired, from my chin being up From keeping my elbows and fingers in a particular position and from keeping my chest raised.


The only one I enjoyed was the fore arm and hand Stand walk over and then the drop backs because,I usually practice them during Yoga!

After my ballet lessons, my body didn't feel like mine, my toes hurt and I feel my shoulders are broken.
For the first time in a long time I slept early and I woke up feeling like a bird!


My advice for others, please start ballet early! But apart from all the stress,I had fun falling over my face and learning some new tricks...


Thanks for your time and compliments of the season!

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