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Awesome! That’s all we need; short and sweet! As long as we get some communication I think the community can continue forging forward. I know it encourages me to continue investing time and money into the ecosystem. Thanks!

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no, we need more than something every fortnight ... I thought steem boasts about rapid transactions !!


We'll do our best to keep the communications coming! Thanks for sticking with us

Are you still working for Steemit Inc, or you supporting pro bono?

You stole that line, from the booster bot. :)

:Thanks for sticking with us:

Has STINC ownership changed hands?

And what happened to Ned? Is he still alive? I’m very worried. I’ve heard troubling rumors about his well-being.

Thanks, but your last comment - this one - is already 7 days old ...
Why don't you take part in the discussions more frequently?
What is @ned doing? I hope he is doing well! What happened with the last announced livestream?

Merry Christmas! :)

You’re easily pleased.

Some talking to the hand and you’re satisfied. Wanna blame BTC that Steem dropped from around 24 out of the top 50?

Pleased that communication has come back rather than the uncertainty and not knowing what was going on. Given a smaller team, they probably need to prioritize their efforts at the tasks at hand but the fact they were not communicating was concerning. A short and simple statement of acknowledgement that they are present and working goes a long way for me, my opinion, my stake. I no longer seek to depend on Steemit Inc for all I want out of Steem but this transitional phase is important for them and the community to be present.

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What is important for the community is that it STOPs waiting for all that.

It’s time to learn from more than a year of broken leadership. Stop hanging on to it already.

You only continue the dependence on them.

Cannot disagree with you... However, it is a process of transition that needs to happen as the community assimilates the transition and its governance. If not, we will never have a consistent approach to serve the community going forward.

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