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RE: We just hacked 11 accounts on Steemit! ~$21 749 in STEEM and SBD is under our control. But we are good guys ๐Ÿ˜‡ So...

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nice work, noisy! with community heroes like you and @lukmarcus, we are continually becoming stronger than ever

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Would also be good if we could get some sort of 2 FA option on the wallet.

Not sure. I haven't really tried hardware wallets yet but it is something I need to look into.

Nice idea!

2FA is essential in this space... I agree

2 FA cannot be created for blockchain-based system. There would have to be email/sms on blockchain

OK - is there some other solution you can think of?

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user should never use password on steemit. They should use only private posting key. I am writing article about that as we speak...

Yes for sure but is there any other way to increase security?

hmmm...actually some kind of 2of3 multisig with 3rd party service could be made.

Thanks for the amazing catch dude bro. White hats are my favorite people and you definitely deserve to gen paid if you catch a security bug in STEEMIT. Thanks for your time and effort running the script and writing the post. Followed and ^^

Cool thanks!

it is not secure yet. Account can be hacked

Spotted this a month ago but thought a post will be sufficient to get the word out. i am not so techy, so my post is mostly my voice. Steemit is letting me peer into more and more things! I have started to learn some coding fundamentals. i gave my novice tip as possible fixes within my post, hoping it helps!

I just started tonight. Comments like these give me... hope? Lol! :D

We just try to walk a German blogger throught the recovery, who "lost" his account in this (amazing and useful ) hack. Unfortunately it isnยดt possible to recover an account by facebook. What is the alternative? Can there be a fix?

@noisy @ned


which account?

Seems @Twinner already talked to you and mike can post and vote again... THX!

No doubt. loool I love this meme bdw

I wish more people understood the value of a good meme

meme's get undervalued by sad. I made a post about meme's in fact

cool baby

I agree;) See if those minds can come up with a solution to a problem that WE ARE ALL ABOUT TO FACE involving capital gains tax. Id love to see a clever work around/strategy for the problem below:
Need some critical thinkers.

I hate taxes

@noisy & @lukmarcus You guys are awesome!!


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Wao this is quite interesting

Thanks, for your efforts!

Detecting these things early, and prevent future events will grow the trust in this platform!!!

couldn't agree more!

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Go STEEM! ;) The way u handle thinks like this are awsome, thanks for the platform and some freedom guys!images.jpg

Good job idd! Last month I wrote a request for the programmers in the Steemit community:
I am not a coder, so I can only spread the idea. Hope someone will pick it up and create the possibility to secure a Steemit account for 100%

Yes, this great work for the community!!

I'm amazed at how smart our community is. This is unreal!!

I love the way steemit is doing thing!

We have to be diligent, both personally and as a community.

Thanks for your great work @noisy and @lukmarcus! Much thanks for helping everyone know how to do Steemit life a little better and safer.

i think yes


Great work

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