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RE: @ned - are we on the verge of a Steemtrain wreck? Answer NO - BUT THERE ARE STILL VALID CONCERNS

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this chain will scale. the talent that designed steem and eos scaling strategies works for



I love this blockchain. I love this app. Mostly I love these people.

I'm sure you've been scanning the posts lately that have been begging for communication. The beauty of blockchain is transparency and I'm sure you already know that.

The lack of clear lines of communication from the top is building the perceived image that Steemit INC simply does not care to be transparent.

That image destroys user's confidence in the platform as you can not sell transparency and not seem to be transparent yourself.

I know that there are politics at play, and that you all feel that you are making a calculated decision but your reputation as a company is at stake.

I don't think that's something worth gambling on.

I remember you all posted a job opening for someone that would communicate to the users of Steemit. Sorry if this offends anyone but if they have been hired I haven't realized it.

Meaning, if they have been hired they aren't doing an adequate job.

Is there anything we can do to open up these lines of communication?

Maybe host a live stream with questions from the community?

If you read this, thank you.

This is also a DPoS blockchain, which means there are many important contributors working for YOU. Consider the responses here from Witnesses and other technologists. It appears to me they are right.

hey ned I am a lead software developer tester for one of the top 20 tech cos. I do see some issues. I am currently looking through the source code and aiming to for fortify the testing suite. If there are any meet ups or sync I should attend I would love to. I really believe in this platform and would like to make it better and keep the confidence high.

Thank you @ned

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I am Cornholio! (Whoa! Hm heh... that was cool) I need T.P. for my bunghole! Come out with your pants down!

Hi, @ned I wrote a post about how to attract new people to steemit. I don't know how to reach you, so please give a look.

Thank you for commenting @ned, is there anything to be done to bridge the knowledge gap between the developers and the non technical users? Especially when issues occur as they have done recently. It would be great to have a short update so that people who notice things like exchange issues, nodes going down etc have pertinent information they can trust.

Transparency is the main issue for everyone eventually on Steemit. The lack of transparency is extremely intuitive on their behalf, because ALL of the parts that need to be seen are, yet the secrets behind the curtain are all just optimizations and tweaks to further IMPROVE our existance on Steemit. I do think that there needs to be an "HR" of sorts that speaks to the community and comes back to the drawing board with our direct input. Technically isn't that what a witness is sort of for? I see a new group needed that consists of "Group Ambassadors" for each main posting group. That way, you have people who specialize in a specific posting matter - ie: myself and Vape technology. Now I could tell you that we have a very small vape group on here, and that is mostly due to the issues with downvotes from people who don't agree with smoking. (Seriously, do the research.) Something so small could make the curation of a great read that much easier. Although I have not been a user for long, I have seen the lack of factual information in the user's face: and that is my only gripe about Steemit.


thanks for clearing things up and putting our minds to rest

Sure. When you release the secret sauce that makes a RPC replay in less than 2 days.

Yeah, when you finally finish the rewrite and move the forum data to a separated data store and not tangled in the graph blocks. You have to rewrite graphene, and steemd, at the same time.

How's that going, ned? and where is this stuff you said you were working on, to me, on skype, almost a full year ago?

We're working on a ton! Can you be more specific?

When are you going to move the forum data store out of the graphene shared_memory file?

am I the only one who has considered that maybe you downvoted officialfuzzy to give him more publicity? Just looking at the effects of said downvote. that is a guess... you are not obliged to reveal your purposes to me... but I consider that the downvote in question may have had a benevolent purpose.

I removed the @smackdown.kitty and @sadkitten flags since you removed your self vote (which you changed to 100% vote! wow I had a surprise waiting for me today!)

I'm curious as to why exactly so if you feel like it please let me know. 😊

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