HOW TO: in the first 10 DAYS - earn 200 STEEM - 700 followers - THE BEST WAY TO START ON STEEMIT

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YOU NEED HELP TO EARN MUCH MORE MONEY ON STEEMIT? I KNOW HOW! In just 3 STEPS you will learn how to earn 200 steem dollars, get 700 followers and a reputation of 46 in 10 days!

I just startet with steemit - 10 days ago! I already got over 600 followers and are going to earn a bunch of money these days. I will show you in 3 steps how to get succesfull on steemit in only 10 days - to earn at least like *30 steem/day = 900 steem/month = alot fiat money...

If you dont earn 30 Steem a day keep reading.


1. Step:

Write a post!
And do it every day.
Learn here how easy it is and how to learn it in 10 minutes for free.


  • Write realy about somehting your interested in. Decide what you want to scribe and just start.

    • use a title with numbers and a concrete content preview
  • Use Headers, enumerated signs, space and what ever you need to make your post looking clean.

  • Use as many medias you can like videos, pictures, giv, power-point, animations, musik...

    • write sources when you use content wich is not yours - check mine for an example.
  • Use google translator if english is not your nativ language to get help.

  • If you dont have a lot follower you should take some tags which are not overloaded. Check this site to see where you can gain some money and where are not too many other people writing.

  • Obviously the tag should have to do something with your content.

    • the idea is to get listet in the part "new" as long as posible without other people writing each 3 seconds an post.

2. Step:

Use bots from here wich you pay direct on this site and they will give you an upvote which probably will worth more than you paid. You can choose the amount and the post directly on the website.

Why Bots?

  • To push you in "hot" and maybe in "trending"
    • there counts alot how new it is and the amount of the money gained on the post
  • that a lot other people will see you
    • new followers
    • more money
  • smart using of bot = gaining a lot extram money

3. Step:

you should give, don't demand!


  • when you are interested in them - THEY WILL BE YOUR FRIENDS - and finally interested in help you.
    -don't forget you are new! You need help of other players like dolphins or whales.

That is what you want:

Write comments, make compliments, be nice, and maybe a plankton, fish, dolphin or whale will visit your homepage and will see your very good posts. Than you will you deserve what belongs to you - and much more. Because now you have mighty friends maybe already following you.

You should also know:

It is disturbing to get asked all the time for upvotes, follows and likes. This should't get forced.

Me: "I may not mentioned a lot other possibilities to get succesfull on steemit. Help me and write a comment with all what you think is missing to get famous and wealthy with doing something good to everyone on STEEMIT."


Check on this site alot informations about your acount!

Thanks for reading my content.

My posts I wrote:

I was in a spanish jail because of using bitcoins... and I am writing and 15# Chapter long REVIEW what happened and about the experiences I made.


Picture sources:



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Welcome to Steem Community the most exciting platform ever @mykarma!

Tips: Don't forget to share this post on your social pages, Google+, Twitter and the rest. It help advertise this platform for more newbies. Bless you.

As a splendid reminder, Kindly ensure to keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

Remember to always post your best. Don't copy from written article online. Beware of @cheetah because she is ready to catch you, i.e, plagiarism is seriously frown upon here.

Don't forget to use FAQ to understand well and to be familiar with terms used on steemit. Terms like Whales, Dolphins, SBD, STEEM, SP, VP, VW etc. Feel free to contact me on steem chat. Thank you.

If you are a religion post writer too, you can get more exposure from this discord channel.

To mingle with great Africans. Join the movement on discord now.

I remain @stevenmosoes and ready to see you at the top if you are ready to go to the top.



what a reply! Is this copy paste or did you write all that new?

I think we have same way to grow in steemit. Upvoted myfriend.


yoo thank you bro!


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Thanks for that eye opening article. Very valuable. And I believe constancy is everything. Writing everyday even if you get nothing. But it's the hardest part init ;)


Hey deniz (I hope it's your name) thank you for your post. Yes every day.


Yes my name is Deniz. What u think about purchasing steem power. For new starters, would it be a good move to buy little little Everytime when a person can afford? How much steam power is good amount for everyday posting+commenting to get a stable and visible income?


Hmm I think you should put 50% in steempower investment of all the post earnings. In the beginning you should put all money into bots to push your bots. Than later you can.change these 50 to 25 and 25 reinvestment to bots and pay out to fiat.


Thanks for that mate, keeping eye on your next posts closely. I'll read whole jail story too.


Wow nice! You are welcome!

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You aswell

I really appreciate this kind of post thank you very much I'm new to steemit an need these kind of post


you are very welcome naturalog!

Thanks for a great post, I need all the help I can get :)


and you aswell! You are very welcome :)

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!!Welcome, I was observing your information and I find it very interesting, you have my vote, I would like to share it with the whole community and support each other with the votes, I invite you to visit my blog so we can continue to grow and learn more every day, I wish success in Steemit.


Hey my friend. Yes you can share it wherever you want. Thanks for this motivating words

Thanks for some of that advice.

Thanks for the info, always appreciate people who are willing to help out newcomers and pass on valuable and usable information. Aloha \m/

Very instructional!

Some very detailed and solid tips! I hope to put most of these into practice. Thanks! :)

Thanks for the info. This is helpful to me because I am a new user. I can definitely use the tips.. following

Very good post, following you already. Please check my intro post, Im new to steemit

great post

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Step 3... lol...
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