We, People, let away our lives and lives of our kids to the technology and social media

in steemit •  8 months ago

There is no more Value. Love. Moral.

If I don't need phone to survive, it would be smashed. This is why I'm not active on Social Media. Telegram already ruined my life enough with time taking away from people I care about... Imagine all those Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ADDICTS.

God Bless America (for Facebook and McDonalds)
-> Let God Save US All

Greatest Gift to my Son will be the day when/if I make his life possible off the grid/addiction/Matrix.



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Sorry I didn't see this until after days to give you some value. A most excellent video. Every second of it!


Thanks @full-steem-ahea :) I got chills first time listening/looking at it. Raw truth. Most unpleasant reality.