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So.... when will we perhaps do something different. Or is this it? Or maybe automation in attention could be a stepping stone to get us to authentic social media and authentic feedback? Who knows... Still some funny shit though. Oldy but a goldy...without the lips of course. ...80's reference.

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Both clips pretty funny, Not sure where things are heading, but at least they are heading somewhere I guess. I think steemit does not even know where they are heading, I think they got lost.

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Well my good friend I think you and I may need to trust in the techy overlords in the end. lol. Good to hear from you bash. I've been away for a bit but your blog is one of my regular stop by's even if I'm on a train surfing and not signed in. Gotta give you this mate.... you live up in some pretty country.

It has been a hot and smokey one this year, we have not been able to make it into the mountains because of a fire and lots of smoke. Got pretty smokey here a few times, on those days I just have to stay indoors. Over all though it has been a nice summer. Life and work get in the way of a lot of things, but they do lead to a lot of things also so time well spent.

Love the first clip. Hilarious and very accurate!

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Well P the good old onion can be some funny shit. lol. Been trying to keep constant with you guys blogs (dave,bash,doc crypto, etc) But my raggidy ass has been up and down the country a lot. I'm not always signed in but I try to keep up with you awesome steemit folks as much as possible. Btw... have you heard aught from Mary? Keep hoping that personality will reappear?

All good😉. It's tough when life gets in the way of life. Everyone is pretty busy these days and with all the drastic changes going on lately, it's almost impossible to keep up with everything. I have given in myself and surrendered to autovoting. As far as amariespeaks is concerned I've heard nothing for a long time now. I did stumble upon a post from simplymike where she made a comment, but that's it.

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Steemit is the future of social media, just be patient!💛🖤👌🏻

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Love it brilliant so true though is scary! So glad i'm not on social media oh Steemit haha 💯🐒