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RE: The Left/Right Skew of Facebook could make the platform even worse in the future

in #steemit3 years ago

I don't think it's a coincidence that lately I've been getting "suggested" content from Facebook to the effect of how wonderful Japan and the Scandinavian countries are. Both of which the progressives and cultural Marxists have been drooling over because of gun control and socialism, respectively. Even propaganda an ad by Bank of Sweden (or Norway, I forget which) on the gender pay gap showed up in my feed?!?! I guess because they're so superior in their "socialism" that they've fixed it.

Like seriously Facebook, your algorithms had to have shown you that I've plastered eye rolling emojis all over that subject, yet there it is in my feed anyway, along with all the other far left nonsense. Pretty clear indication of the leanings of Facebook employees if you ask me.


Maybe we need to roll back our excessive FB Messenger conversations... Or EXTEND THEM!

I'm super-close to starting this podcast. Let's look at collaborating once I get www.Liberty.Wiki launched. It's sucking up all my time.

Only a male would think messenging every one or two months is excessive...LOL! And yes! I'll look forward to the podcast updates :)))