10,000 Steem Purchased In 2016 Could Have Made You 8.3 Million Dollars!!!!! Here's How!!!

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On July 19, 2016 Steem was worth over 4 bucks and had a BTC value of 0.00646744!!!! Or in today's value over 40 bucks!!!!! Since then Bitcoin has had tremendous growth in value 10x since that time. Most Bitcoiners believe we will see Bitcoin reach values of over 100k!!!!

Let's do some math.

For this example we will use an imaginary trader called investor A.

Let's say you investor A invested in Steem before the pump in 2016 and bought 10,000 Steem. In fact the price was exactly .20 cents on July 02, 2016.


So 10,000 Steem would have costed around $2,000 or 2.9828 BTC. Remember Bitcoin was around 690 bucks at this time.

Just a couple days later the Steem price shot up to it's all time high of $4+. Also achieving an all time high in terms of BTC price that hasn't been passed yet. So now investor A's 10,000 Steem is worth exactly 64.6744 BTC or at that time roughly $40,000. This is all before the major BTC spike of 2017.

Now most investors that invested in Steem in the beginning really believe in this place so I'm pretty sure most would have invested back in. So now that investor A has 64.6744 BTC he will wait for a new Steem low and that came on March 11, 2017 nine months later with a low of 7 cents or 0.000006095 BTC.

With 64.6744 he could buy 1,061,105.8244462 Steem. Now when dealing with these types of numbers he most likely would not have ever gotten them all at 7 cents but he would have ended up with roughly 1 million Steem. Remember this is all hypothetical and a big what if. Most people are not disciplined enough to carry out these strategic trades. But I'm sure some people have done very well with Steem.

So back to this monster trade. Now investor A has 1,061,105 Steem and it's time to wait for that major Steem pump. Like the disciplined investor he is he waits patiently until that day arrives. May 2017 comes and he is very tempted to take profit. He has now has a million dollars!!!!! With Steen over a dollar he instantly become a millionaire. But in this example he will hold and wait for a real pump. Which doesn't come until Jan 2018.
Wow after almost two years he has really hit pay day. At $8.20 he is now a multi millionaire. This was the very very top in US dollar amount but not the top in Bitcoin value. Remember the BTC all time high is 600k satoshis. Now with such a massive stake it will be impossible to sell it all at the top but during this time we had plenty of volume. So I will put a modest 7 bucks or roughly 48k satoshis. Giving him 509.33 BTC OMFG!!!! Sorry got a little excited there.

Bitcoin's all time high was roughly 20k but it happened before this major Steem pump. Bitcoin was $15k at this time and the signs were all there that it was going to go down. Many investors sold their BTC for fiat or tether. In this example our investor will sell all his bitcoin for tether. Giving him $8,368,801.23!!!!


Now this investor has 8.3 million tether!!!! Decisions decisions!!!! To HODL or not to HODL. Remember this investor is a steem evangelist so now he will wait for another major Steem Dip. Which we are currently facing. With the price of Steem at $0.90 this investor can buy up a very large portion of Steem!!!!

I personally think now is a great time to put money into Steem so we will have this hypothetical investor buy up Steem at the low of $0.80 which would give him 10,461,001 Steem!!!! The next major pump theoretically would be somewhere around 20 bucks giving this investor 200 million dollars.

Would you keep the 8 million dollars or buy 10 million Steem Power?

With the way Bitcoin's price is jumping everywhere and Steem doing the same a disciplined investor should be able to match this incredible feat. Just buy Steem at the super low sell for BTC at the super high wait for super low simple right? I think not but those with ironclad hands will make these trades in their sleep.

I firmly believe that these satoshi prices will be unheard of when bitcoin really goes up. So don't be surprised if you see the Steem BTC price fall when BTC pumps. Be smart if you sell Steem for BTC wait until Bitcoin goes up in value and buy back into Steem. Or we could see the exact opposite and Steem could go back to a 600k satoshi price. Either way it's a win win.

Could you have pulled off this trade?

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Could have, would have, should have...
But it is what it is ;)

Cool really informative!

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interesting reading, finances move so fast that I think my head explodes. Learning with you a little. Thank you.
Good vibes.

You’re a nut nut! Easier just to mine btc in year one and have thousands for thousands, worth 6,500,000 dollars per thousand. I mean, if we’re fantasizing hard core about what we could do with time machines.