Top 5 steamians of the Day

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Steamit is more often known as a place where we can find some money by posting our interesting stuffs including photos, food precipices, etc. But is it enough to post our interesting stuff and wait till we gain money from the up-votes, My answer is no!!! we have to maintain good and close connection with the people who have a higher voting power. So posting and earning money is kind of a art. In this discussion I would like to point out 5 people with higher voting powers. This dicussion will be continued and the list will be refined day by day.

Steamians of the day

This is the list of steamians that I have selected with the higher value for 1 vote.

Try to follow these steamians and stay contacted with them
  1. postpromoter $584
  2. buildawhale $416
  3. boomerang $137
  4. jerrybanfield $128
  5. smartsteem $94

(These values and the names are subjected to be changed very often. Values may not be as exact as this is when you are viewing this post)

What you need to do ?

Please click on the respective steamian name and you will be directed to their page. You can go through their blog and try to contact them. May be it will be better to follow them


  • Try to prompt you post, once they are published, in
  • Try to be friendly with the people with a higher voting power
  • Try Discord this is also similar to

I would like to share my researches on steemit and the way to earn money smartly. If you are interested in this post please up-vote and comment you suggestions.


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