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RE: I Am Telling You For A Fact, "There Will Never Be Another 'Steemit'". Any Doubts? Read This Post!

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wow we are so lucky to have you around sir terry boy ^_^

Upvoted and resteem this post.

thanks for keep promoting steemit in cebu my friend.,


Hmmm...... It's all so so emotional how you got this specially packaged welcome and you know what? You deserve much more of that 'specialness' because you dispense every bit of yourself, your heartbeat, your heart reins, everything you have got to see them celebrated, to see them 'talented'. The love that pours from these wonderful Steemians is 'your love' being given back. I feel their pulse and their rhythm. It is 'weighty' especially for you.
We expect you in Nigeria soon so we can blast you with more 'deeply heart-felt love'. Thank you for everything.
When you have the time, do check this out

Waoh! this is awesome @edithangelseu. I just finished reading your dedication post to @surpassinggoogle about your journey so far and dedicating it to him. It such a wonderful post filled with food for thought statements and words.
I know He will love it after reading it. Then i love his submission when he said

your success is my compensation

For me that was the nicest thing have heard so far this year. It shows some level of selflessness and sacrifice. Nice job all the same.

Firstformost, hopefully your journey to Cebu was not stressful sir.
we really appreciate the effort and the potential to this platform, I am proud of you sir as a Nigerian and you make Nigerian proud as well.
Anytime you make a post about steemit project I am always happy that a Nigerian like you Mr TERRY permit me to used that sir, is shaking the world. Thanks for your commitments @surpassinggoole.
I know someday you will come back to your home (Nigeria) to host the biggest steemit project. Stay lifted sir.