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RE: Why You Should Power Up [Showcasing the Benefits of Steem Power]

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YES i am an abundant believer in powering up! Not only all the benefits you mentioned, but also we are holding Steem which has abundant possibilities for prosperity in 2018 and beyond. steem is below $10 now, but will not always be so!

I'm also super excited to take part in Delegating steem power! I'd like to keep Powering up to make my votes more powerful and so i can help some minnows out someday cuz we all know how hard it is under 500 SP when you don't have the slider bar!!


As a minnow I really appreciate these tips...

I actually paused reading and went and staked my steem and powered up! Your article explained so much to me thank you..

The tips were well worth reading and thanks for that.

I am new to this whole thing.... To be honest, I was attracted to monetary value involved 😂😂... but I can't help noticing the community spirit on steemit...... Steem is going to increase in value dramatically sooner than expected...
I hope I am not too late though 😢

thanks for the info. I was looking for something like that

Exactly! This isn't even covering the potential of Steem as an investment. Purely the actionable value it holds today, right now (which is huge!)

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