Roll call: what do you do for a living?

in steemit •  4 months ago

I didn't get any responses for my engineer and architect post last time, possibly because it was posted on a Sunday and the post has since been pushed down severely. So I'd like to try this again.

If you are an engineer, see this link about a roll call!

For everyone else, what do you guys do to earn a living?

Reply below, are you a software developer? A waiter? A mechanic? Do you hold investments that pay for your needs? I want to get a feel for the cast of characters involved with the blockchain.

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I'm a creative director at a local digital marketing agency - responsible for all types of content creation / adverts / general design / photographic / etc etc. Basically anything creative.

I have some investments on the side, but they're sadly not really doing much at the moment.


Have you been able to use your job skills to create content for steemit? Or is it difficult to find time to do both things at once? thats generally the case for me, and thats not just for steemit, its generally speaking when it comes to thinking about working for myself as an engineer.

I'm a research chemist for a company that makes nuclear reactors. Most of the other people I work with are engineers, but not me. I do like building things, though.


I know in the US nuclear reactors are a rare thing. I dont think one has been constructed for quite some time now, mostly due to activist stating how it isnt as contained as one would like. Are you in europe? How did you find out about steemit?


I work for in Lynchburg Va. We have been making small reactors here since 1956. We dont make big power reactors like Areva and Westinghouse. That is a tough business in the US. Just look at what happened to Toshiba.

How did I find Steemit? Dang, that was just a year ago and Ive already forgotten. Ive been interested in Bitcoin since 2012, so it must have been related to that.

I'm just a lazy guy, spending my whole day watching YouTube videos, last time I worked was five years ago.