DDosing Steemit

in steemit •  last year

I find it funny that steem devs haven't planed for this attack and made preparations in order to avoid these kind of situations. Clearly DDos attacks are very common in crypto space, did they really think they will somehow avoid steemit, specially now when steemit is getting more popular? DDos attacks should never stop a site like this from working smoothly. 

I've personally witnessed DDos attacks on Poloniex who were also not prepared for such an attack, even though they have all the money to be able to invest against such attacks (same goes for steemit devs). 

End result when not prepared were unresponsive sites and all those funds could not be accessed. Yes steemit has some alternatives like busy.org and others, but it is never good if you can't access THE site. It is bad for business and the growth of Steem. My hope as a steemian is that steemit always runs smoothly, exceptions being hard forks and similar updates.

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I'm only new to steemit so I haven't seen it down yet. but there is nothing more frustrating than when u want to use a service and it's down @.@

The page can be down though. But the Blockchain can never go down through DDos.


Great innovation for sure, but if the interface is down it is almost like the whole blockchain is down.

I Agree with you

Since a month I did not use esteem app but after this attack I used it the whole day and realized its importance.