Interview w/ Luke Stokes about STEEM, Steemit, DPOS, EOS, eosDAC, governance on blockchains, community, Puerto Rico and more

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I met with Luke for the first time at the crypto mixer organized by the amazing Restart Week team at the hip food truck park in Santurce, San Juan.

It was around 11pm. I’ve had some intellectual discussions with the community about the problems their crypto-minds are trying to solve lately. Sipped a plastic cup of cerveza (or two; or mojitos) and met with many incredible local entrepreneurs who started to connect me very kindly and passionately to their friends and co-workers. Long story short, it was an amazing evening. I was ready to depart satisfied with the amount of progress points generated during the event, when I saw a face so familiar that I decided to check the ‘Trending’ section of Steemit to see if who I really see is @lukestokes.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t speak that night as Luke was very involved in an ongoing discussion and didn’t want to be rude. But we met the next day at Blockchain Unbound and started to speak about STEEM and Steemit problems. Luke impressed me with the amount of in-depth knowledge of the topic and I proposed him to shoot an interview together. After couple of coordinational failures we managed to finally meet online in a video room at and, oh boy, this was one of the most interesting discussions I’ve had so far. We’ve covered so many grounds and topics regarding STEEM and EOS, DACs, DPOS, and the problems of Governance on Blockchain that by the end of our 60-minutes session I felt like a read a book or too. Yet, 2-3 hours later I felt hungry again and engaged in couple of heated debates regarding EOS, Block producers and couple of major unexpected problems with Blockchain governance in general. For instance, even if we have enough people care about voting on blockchain how informed are their descisions regarding the block producers? How many journalists are researching the people behind the pretty web pages? And so on. I feel like it’d be great to make one of those session with @lukestokes once I have some more questions gathered.

In a mean time, what is your opinion on the Blockchain Governance? Problems, concerns, ideas?

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Dude! Amazing video interview with @lukestokes and great post! That you so much!

today i joined on steemit and decide to take some advice from senior for my growing up and thanx for sharing your kind information. have any suggestion for me to write a article.

Thanks so much for the interview, Kirill. I really enjoyed talking about this stuff as I'm quite passionate about it. I think we covered a lot of fun topics, and I hope it's helpful for many others.

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Great interview! Just followed you Krill. Trying to grow my steemit base. will follow back all who follow.

Yesterday i joined on steemit and wanna get some tips from senior for my growing up and thanks for sharing your awesome information. Looking forward to your suggestion or an article.

Have been following this guy for little more than a week. I absolutely adore the content he posts.
He is currently running a series 'Digital Time Capsule' - take a look, it's simple yet brilliant twitter posts from back in 2013.

its really good job with @lukestokes

wow,,its great
thanks for sharing interview with @lukestokes
two of you congrates,,thanks for posting

Man that was a great interview. I am truly grateful to get to be a part of this so early in! I am so interested in Puerto Rico!

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