What a Fricking Rollercoaster... (What I've Been Up To)

in steemit •  11 months ago 

I'm not sure if I have any active followers left but if there are then you might be pleased (or disappointed) to know that I am well and alive, heh.

My last status report was more than 2 months ago but my activity dropped off 3 months ago. So let's re-cap that period before I went in-active, again:

  • I got fired from my job
  • I became homeless and had to couch surf at friend's
  • Applied and interviewed like a madman to all marketing and sales related jobs (the only things I'm good at)

Some interesting take-aways are that I applied to 29 positions and made to 8 interviews, one of which were a Crypto company in Malta, a position of digital marketing manager to launch and manage their ICO marketing efforts. An offer was made their behalf but I ultimately refused but only due to the mere coincidence that somebody else made an offer 2 days earlier (I was in a critical situation and had the mentality of "whatever comes first"). In total: 29 applications, 8 interviews, 3 offers. 29 Apps doesn't sound like much but we're talking about an island of ~300,000 population and my skill-set (marketing and sales) doesn't leave that many offers out there.

As soon I got my new job, I moved out of friend's coach and rented the cheaper shared apartment I could find somewhat near my work (walking distance) and managed to work for 1 month until I got really sick. My title was "SEO Expert" but in reality I was also in charge of their PPC and content marketing efforts. It was a small eCommerce startup with less than 10 people. Great people, great office, really crap salary. 

But lo and behold...

I got really sick. I originally thought it was food poisoning but it didn't go away in 3 days.. or even in 2 weeks. I visited several docs, took a shitload of antibiotics and other crap and nobody really identified what was wrong. I had a diarrhea of sh*tting blood every 30 minutes for 3 weeks. Day and night. Couldn't sleep, couldn't eat. Not a fun period. Couldn't even work from home, read, Steem or watch TV, head was too much of a rollercoaster.

Eventually I got better. Got back to work... but 4 people (in an environment of 9 people) had left during that period and management had new plans and visions and we had a small fall-out. I resigned on the spot despite having been desperate and unemployed only two months ago.

On other news... Right before I got sick, during the time I was still looking for a job and had all the time in the world, I started a 

  • A recruitment agency
  • A marketing agency, mainly focused on SEO and organic growth

And it's going well. I have clients. Making way more money than I've ever made working an office job. 

Moral of the story: keep hustling. Stay determined. Work for your dreams.

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It's always a good feeling when your asshole stops bleeding.

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