How To Setup Your Cover Image on Steemit

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A new feature is available on Steemit; we can now upload our own personalized cover image.


Step 1: Create Your Cover Image

The dimensions I used for my cover are 1280 pixels wide by 170 pixels tall. The height of the cover image varies based on how many lines of text you have in your Steemit description area.

Step 2: Save Your Cover Image

I prefer to save my file as a .PNG although you can save it as a .JPG as well.
Here's how mine looks. I chose to edit the image I use on my Facebook profile cover to keep it consistent.

Step 3: Upload Your Cover Image

Once you have your cover image designed and sized how you want it, goto Settings while logged in to your Steemit profile. Now, put your image url in the area that says Cover Image URL and click the Update button.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 12.50.24 PM.png

To get the image URL, you can upload your image here: and copy the image URL.


If you have a personal website, you can load it into the media folder there and copy the image URL.

Step 4. You're done! Share your cover image in the comments.

Go down to the comments and upload your cover image or a screenshot of your Steemit profile with your new cover image in it, so we can see how awesome it is.

If you're having trouble getting it right, I can help you, just let me know in the comments.

I first discovered that this was possible when I read a post by @stellabelle. Here's her post about how to do this; go upvote it:

Remember: Share your cover image in the comments.

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