Blacklist Update 01/02/2018

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Dear Steemians,
In case you miss the @minnowhelper post about The Blacklist, please read more about it Here!!!

Currently, the users on the blacklist are:


How will the process work?

The Minnowhelper team will review random publications and if low quality content is found, users will be blacklisted. Flagged Posts by @spaminator, @cheetah, @steemcleaners, @mack-bot or @blacklist-a, the bot will consider that as invalid bid, send the sender a 0.001 STEEM/SBD transfer informing them their bid is invalid because the post has been flagged as spam or abuse, and donate the bid amount. On the other hand other users can report Abuses in our Slack Chat.
Join to Join Slack!

Banned users will not qualified for refunds any bids send to @minnowhelper for banned users posts will be considered as a donation.

Happy Bidding & Have fun!
The @minnowhelper team.

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steemit is amazing and workable things

What can we do for unblock? Please help

Great post man 👍

I'm glad to see this posted outright, it was a little confusing at the site because at the same time bidding was down there was the post that it may be because you were blacklisted, naturally that made everyone, including me want to check, but list was no where I could find.
On another note, I had intended to sent you .10 as delegated SP, but it malfunctioned (As entire steembot tracker is for me). You are sending me .01 repeatedly and I am afraid I don't deserve it because transaction did not finalize! I am about at my whits end with failed attempts on steemit and smart ass answers instead of genuine concern and help. For instance, at this tired moment I would not know how to begin to get you that .10 but I tried so many times at steembot tracker and other things that didn't work I just feel old and ridiculously computer illiterate. So to those of you who have been helpful THANK YOU! to those of you who are sarcastic and unhelpful well, the other ---------------- YOU! and I hope you know who I am talking to. Peace Abundance and Love to all who project those qualities to others. Do unto others....Good luck minnows!

Waaaaah. I'm so sorry. I made a wrong bid. Its a glitch I guess. Huhuhuhu. Pleaseeeee. Can I get a refund with my SBD? Huhuhuhu. 😭😭😭

I don't know how to contact you. Huhuhu. I made a wrong bid 😢😢😢😢 Please can I get some refund 😢😢😢😢


So, to all those people who tell me "cheetah is not saying anything bad about you, they upvoted your post" what about this? It gets you blacklisted here...
And for the @minnowhelper account I want to say that is BS. Some human needs to look at what the bot flagged, cheetah has flagged me twice when it was WRONG. Killed my posts, everyone assumes the bot caught me cheating and I had done nothing wrong. Relying on bots to decide which humans to shit on is not cool.