Introducing Minnow Fund: Assisting Minnows Through Funding & Education

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Introducing Minnow Fund

Minnow Fund is a Steemit initiative that assists minnows in their upstream battle for Steem dominance through funding and education. This project is provided and supported by the @brandonfrye upvote service and its delegators. If you would like to fund this project, please consider delegating your SP to the @brandonfrye upvote bot which pays out 35%+ APR. You can also bid on the bot to promote your posts and support our efforts that way as well.


The Problems We Aim to Solve

When new users join Steemit they are faced with two main challenges:

1) Lack of understanding how the Steem blockchain works and the "unwritten rules" of Steemit.

2) Low Steem Power which means extremely low bandwidth to perform common tasks such as posting, resteeming, and commenting.

These two issues are our primary concern here at MinnowFund but we understand that there are other challenges that new users face, and we plan to assist in helping minnows overcome those as well. This service will undoubtedly evolve over time as we encounter new obstacles that our members are facing.


Where We Come In...


Educating new Steemians should be the first line of defense offense. We do this through the @brandonfrye channel on Steemit which provides several new videos each week pertaining to building a Steemit channel, connecting with your following, understanding the Steem blockchain, new dapps being introduced, creating content, etc. We strongly encourage all minnows to follow @brandonfrye to gain a better understanding of how best to utilize this incredible, decentralized platform. And if you have any questions or suggestions for future vidoes, @brandonfrye is always taking suggestions. Simply leave a comment on one of the posts and he will respond.

Funding Through Delegation

Our second service here is delegating Steem Power to minnows in order to improve their bandwidth and allow them to earn some curation rewards. @MinnowFund utilizes an application process to gather qualified candidates. These users must meet certain requirements in order to become a candidate and move on to the voting round. We will pick 10 candidates each week for the community to vote on and, ultimately, decide who will get the delegation for that week. Applications can be submitted from Friday to Sunday the week prior to voting.

Currently, we will be delegating 25 SP to one new user a week. This user will hold onto the 25 SP delegation for a total of 45 days. As we receive more funding from the community via our upvote bot service, we will be able to delegate more SP, to more people, and for more time. Our goal is to delegate 50 SP to 5 new people a week with a hold time of 90 days. This will come in the near future but will require increased delegation to the @brandonfrye upvote bot from investors.

Again, your support via delegation would help tremendously!

Who Is a Perfect Candidate For Delegation?

We feel that the perfect candidate to receive delegation from @minnowfund is somebody who...

  • Is somewhat social media savvy, but is willing to learn more
  • Is detail oriented and a stickler for proofreading for grammatical errors
  • Is a go-getter and doesn't give up easily
  • Is constantly brainstorming new ideas for content
  • Enjoys setting new goals for themselves

Obviously nobody is perfect but these are some ideals that we're looking for in our candidates.


When Will Funding Start?

Our first application round will begin this Friday 4/06/18. A new post will be published on this channel each Friday with an announcement that applications can be submitted and a link to the forms. Minnows will have 72 hours to submit their application.

Here Are The Current Requirements:

(These could change at any time. Please see the weekly application for most recent requirements)

  • Account no less than 4 weeks old
  • Post regularly (min 15 posts) in the last 4 weeks
  • Minimum of 10 SP and Max of 150 SP in Your Account
  • No Plagiarism, Spam, or Misconduct on/from your channel
  • Have clear goals for Steemit outlined in a blog post on your channel (Niche, Purpose for Using Steemit, Goals, etc.)
  • 50 Followers Minimum (this is to see that you're putting in effort to build)
  • History of leaving valuable comments on other channels
  • History of engaging with your Steemit following
  • Currently only supporting accounts who share video or written content (including photographers with commentary)

These requirements are in place to ensure that those we're investing in have invested in their own success first. We also don't want anybody abusing our service and keeping others from this opportunity.


How is it Funded?

This initiative is 100% funded via @brandonfrye, his upvote bot service, and its generous delegators. 10% of all bids sent in to the @brandonfrye upvote bot are paid out directly to the @minnowfund account, which is then powered up into Steem Power to be delegated out to minnows. This is all made possible by those who delegate to (and bid on) our upvote service. So a BIG Thank You to everyone who's helping to make this opportunity available!


What's Next?..

Now it's time to get the word out! If you're unable to invest in this project, all is not lost. With your upvote and resteem we can get the word out to the Steem Community that this new initiative exists. We're excited to begin assisting new minnows right away!!

Be sure to follow us and be on the lookout for Friday's announcement. And if you know of somebody who could benefit from our services, please tag them in a comment below to let them know.




Thanks to the @brandonfrye upvote bot, which has made this entire initiative possible, we have increased our delegation to a whopping 50 SP!! That's right, each and every week we'll be dishing out 50 SP in delegation to a lucky minnow. This is our way of rewarding Steemians who have displayed a thirst for knowledge, and a drive and passion to succeed. We truly believe that a little Steem Power, coupled with education, can go a long way for new Steemit users.

As always, we appreciate the support of the entire @minnowfund community who has made this initiative possible, especially those who have delegated their Steem Power to the @brandonfrye upvote bot. Your delegation not only earns you 85% of the incoming bids, but it helps to fund our great cause! Without you we could not do this... so thank you!

Learn more about the @brandonfrye upvote bot, its new Terms of Service which is cleaning up the Steemit community, and how you can earn daily passive earnings all while supporting the @minnowfund. It's truly a win-win-win!!


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wow , thats brilliant . So many initiatives taken by you bro. Resteeming it to my followers . Thanks for taking the extra mile .

We greatly appreciate the support! Thanks @doctalk 🤗

Thanks @minnowfund and @brandonfrye for taking initiative :)

We're glad to help! Thanks for your support

This is fantastic, im really active on steemit as well im in the middle of setup a Witness and provide training to new steemians at the moment. Any questions let me know. Have a great day @ernoldlvb

Great initiative. Newbies always have a hard time breaking into new platforms.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes. I would have been a candidate for such a program when I first started. My SP is too high now.

I really just wanted to comment that I think your logo looks awesome. It’s a nice, clean design, with a clear message.

Thanks @nikema, we appreciate the comments and feedback and we look forward to helping as many folks as possible!

This is awesome. And while I know there are other services and funds that aim to help minnows get started, they are uber complicated to get your feet wet...

With the added training this is going to rock. Looking forward to supporting this any way I can!

This is true. We really didn't want to make this any more complicated than it needs to be. We also didn't want to take on a role that was over our heads. So we'll leave other services to take care of certain issues that Steemians face. With a clear, cut and direct purpose we should make a larger impact here on Steemit.

Thanks for all of your support through feedback, suggestions, and SP!

I've followed and reesteemed, Brandoned:) Best of luck with this initiative:)

Thank you @prydefoltz for your support and ideas which sprang this initiative into action. It's amazing what a little conversation can achieve! :)

It is wonderful:) Wishing you a great day:)

Great initiative! I look forward to seeing somebof talent chosen to leverage this opportunity being provided. I hope it adds to the diversity on the platform. Best of success to all those involved!

We greatly appreciate your support, @newageinv! We look forward to helping as many people as possible with our services!

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Congratulations Brandon and looking forward to see the seeds you now plant grow to be a huge helper for minnows needing the support and deserving it at the same time.

I appreciate the support, @gadrian. Looking forward to the change this service can bring! :)

Brilliant man!!

This is great.... Resteemed !

This is a clever way to help people @minnowfund I like the idea, my brother at the moment deligates to @brandonfrye and he says it is a great investment.
i wish I could help but I will follow this and see where it goes.

We're thankful to everyone who is able to delegate and support this project. We look forward to helping many Steemians in 2018 and beyond! :)

this is so innovative...and HUGE....for this platform! thank you brandon!

Thank you @rawutah for your support with this initiative. If it weren't for investors like yourself this wouldn't be possible. :)

it's an HONOR and a pleasure!

Its a great opportunity for us there are times when you feel like giving up but then you motivate your self with statements of something better is coming and yes its here now
Thanks @winnow fund

We're so glad to hear your feedback! We look forward to supporting new Steemians make a splash here on the blockchain. :)

Hi Brandon, I found you on youtube and now following you here. This platform is very confusing for me but watching your videos have helped me a lot. I still have a lot to learn and still dont understand the lingo yet but I will keep watching your videos for more insight.

Thank you!!!

Esther :)

Congratulations @minnowfund!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade for newcomers in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 6 with $ 48,38

I also upvoted your post to increase its reward
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This is a beautiful initative that I really hope to ve considered for as a candidate, thank you for the support

Thanks @eugenekul, we look forward to helping our fellow minnows! Applications will open this Friday so be on the lookout for the post on this channel.

how i can apply this ?

Hey @xee95, Applications will open this Friday so be on the lookout for the post on this channel.

Oky thanku..

It's interesting, those steemian with 20-50 steem power are not minnows but fishies, how can minnows with more than 50 steem and who invested their own money profit from this if they are earning cents from their posting ?

This is just the beginning. As we grow we will be delegating out more and more SP to more and more people each week. But we have to start somewhere. 😉

It's good, but delegating is not enough, it will be good if you will give good upvotes for quality posts , I am spending a few hours writing a post because I am not a native speaker and my wife always correct it because she is an English teach and after that I earn nothing, a lot of minnows are here for a long time fighting to earn something and writing much better posts then I do, because when I see the quality it's clear that the author spend a lot to write it. But not all the people have the money to buy upvotes. People are here to earn what they deserve and we have to show them that they can really do it if they take care about the quality. In our hands me and you the community creator to do something about that. I hope we can coopirate somehow, I have 4000 followers and a facebook group with more than 19,400 members. But my power is not that big to make big changes. I hope you will think about a coopiration with other communities and write a post about that. If we cross communities in steemit we can make the change !

I agree completely. Delegation of Steem Power is only solving one issue and that (along with education) is what we’re primarily focusing on with this project. There are other communities such as MSP who provide upvotes and curation to minnows which is super helpful as well. So just to clarify, we’ll be evolving over time to help in different ways but we don’t want to spread this project too thin so that we’re not able to help anybody.

Yeah, you are right, people here need more education than they need upvotes, if most people understand well how steemit works, we will have much better community and no one will complain about the earning. Because when someone don't care a lot about the money he create very nice things like you are doing now, thanks about the care. By the way, did you stop your giveaway ? I mean the one with commenting and upvoting to be rewarded ?

Many thanks! This is superb and just in time. If I'm eligible, please count me in, @stevestrange.

When you say "channel", do you mean my steemit account? I haven't even thought about a video option. Not sure how to tackle that. Sounds interesting.

As a newbie, actually i ve that fear of posting without being upvoted. Thanks a lot sir i came across this, i really hope this initiative is gonna be of a lot of help to us newbies. I ve upvoted this content sir and also ve resteemed, am following you already hope you do the same for me. Finally i am gonna make an intro. about myself and equally start uploading contents. I will really appreciate it if you from time to time check me out. There's just a lot to learn here on steemit and i hope you are goona be of a great help to me. Thanks a lot sir, for this initiative.

Great idea @brandonfrye . You were one of my inspirations to join Steemit (found you on YT), and I appreciate the work you're putting into it. I don't think I'm able to sponsor it directly yet, but I'll be involved more and more as I grow.

Thanks for identifying a need and ACTually DOing something about it!

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lol no worries this bot wont bother much longer. we've determind that its clearly spam.