Check this out! This is why Steem may be the most viable crypto!

in steemit •  10 months ago

One thing Steemit has is a growing robust increasing popular interest of the average person. It's growing!

If you want to see sustainable real growth in something in the marketplace. This is it! Traffic  Demographics and Competitors   Alexa.png

PS I've been researching and working on some big things and have been neglecting my social media presence... even on Steemit. But some really cool things ahead, I promise!

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If growth is still possible.. That means we earn more right?


yeah work hard for steem growth

If this trend continues it won't be long until it's in the top 100... then top 10... That could happen rather quickly. needless to say, of all the cryptos, that's the only one I see gaining that sort of popularity in the hearts and minds of the average person. It's something to keep an eye on and it's probably what Dan is watching as well.