Why You Should Support the Scorum Poker League & What the SPL Has Meant to Me

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This post was first published here on Scorum. Not on Scorum yet? It's sports media on the blockchain and I'm loving it!

The night I joined Steemit, I was excited. I had just learned that I could earn cryptocurrency by blogging and using social media for the first time in my life. I created an introduction post and wrote blogs and commented on posts all week in order to earn my first little pieces of Steem.

Over that first month, I met a couple of people, earned a few Steem, and spent tens if not hundreds of hours learning how the platform worked (luckily, Scorum is much simpler). And then something happened.

I stumbbled on a post about something called the Steem Poker League. The league offered completely free poker tournaments for Steem users where they could win Steem to build up their account, play more poker, or do whatever they wanted with it.

It was almost too good to be true. I signed up, was accepted, and began playing in tournaments a couple of days later. But it turns out that what I signed up for was a lot more than just poker and a chance to win Steem. I joined a community -- a community that has led to over a dozen good friends, keeping me on Steemit for over 9 months, and winning over 200 SBD (Steem Based Dollars). I also have won four Player of the Month awards, but who's keeping track?

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Shortly after joining Scorum in August, SPL founder @tuck-fheman purchased over 30,000 Scorum and decided to create a new Scorum Poker League along with BRO Founder @ats-david. Here is why I support the Scorum Poker League and why you should too.

The Benefits of the Scorum Poker League to Scorum & You!

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Even if you never play a hand of poker in the Scorum Poker League, you directly benefit from it. The league has already attracted dozens of active users from Steemit who are now more active here than they are on Steemit. This is not an accomplishment to take lightly. Boiling this down, the Scorum Poker League will help with user acquisition, and the more quality users we have here on Scorum, the more Scorum will grow and the more your coins will be worth.

In fact, the Steem Poker League is responsible for helping me find Scorum, which I learned about through the SPL's relationship with the Steem Betting Community, who are also very active on Scorum. Since you have to be an active user on Scorum to play in the Scorum league, there may be players who join to play poker, and then stay after learning what a great place this is.

As mentioned above in my story about the SPL keeping me active on Steemit, the Scorum Poker League will also help with user retention -- keeping people active here on Scorum. I still haven't completely left Steemit, and the SPL is the reason why.

The Scorum Poker League, which is completely free to play in and legal, also helps to keep coins circulating and encourages users to buy SCR. Since payouts are made in tokens that can then be converted to SCR, tournament hosts are purchasing SCR from an exchange in order to host a tournament. Winners of tournaments can then play with their winnings or cash out in SCR, and then decide to power up or sell their coins on an exchange.

The Scorum Poker League also drives engagement and provides a source for content. When players get to know each other, they naturally connect off of the table as well. I've met and have come to like (or at least tolerate) many players and now upvote and comment on their blogs. The poker league also gives people in the league reasons to write, which increases the amount of content here on Scorum.

Finally, the team behind the poker league aren't only focused on poker. The BRO Team (which includes @guiltyparties and @ats-david) has also created a witness voting tool, is working on converting Steemconnect to Scorumconnect, is creating a Scorum Python, and developing a cheetah bot.

To summarize, support the poker league if the following are important to you:

  • User acquisition
  • User retention
  • Liquidity in the short-term
  • Engagement
  • Content
  • Third-party development

And these benefits are in addition to the hundreds of SCR coins players can win and the advertising opportunities for hosts to sponsor freerolls!

How to Support the Scorum Poker League


League co-owner and founder @tuck-fheman has invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in developing the poker platform and all that goes into it. For what? To be a part of a fun and beneficial community. Since it's a freeroll website, players can get started without any fees. Since there are costs to run the site and host the server, Tuck needs our support to keep the site growing and to help the Scorum Poker League host freerolls.

By voting for posts from @tuck-fheman, which are important league updates, news, and more, you are supporting the Scorum Poker League and all of the benefits that come with it.

What's Your Point Mikey?

My point with this ramble is that the Scorum Poker League can become something much greater for the Scorum platform and community than a poker site. The Steem Poker League has meant a lot to me, from helping me earn hundreds of Steem to introducing me to hundreds of new people who love sports and cryptocurrency.

To have this impact on the Scorum community, it needs our support. I'm not asking anyone to upvote anything blindly; however, I am asking you to consider learning more about the project, following @tuck-fheman and @ats-david, and looking at the impact of how efforts like this will benefit us all -- poker players and those who won't play a single hand.

Note: Although I am a passionate fan and supporter of the league, this is my personal opinion and doesn't represent the opinions of the SPL. I am not a part of the development or ownership team.

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