#Introduceyourself: I welcome myself to #steemit

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Hello steemit friends. I'm Mhelvilyn and I'm 16 years old from Philippines. I'm a full-time Christian and a part time grade 12 student taking ICT in Mystical rose school. My hobbies are reading novels and playing guitar. I also love playing computer games.

This is the first time I used blog because it's kinda boring and I want to explore new things. by the way, I have an other social media account like Instagram and Facebook and you can follow me there. In addition to this you can also ask me to play online games together.

Expect me to post anything in this blog like bible verses with compassion and kindness, selfies, and any related social media sites. And I just want to share that I love pets and I've got a cat named kitty.

Welcome to my blog :)
@mhelvilyn signing in
A pleasure to meet you all.


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Welcome to Steem.... have fun...!!!

Welcome on board dearie.

Mabuhay and welcome to Steemit kabayan.
Welcome to Steemit kabayan,

This is a welcome video made by @surpassinggoogle.
Please take your time to watch, he will tell you where to start your Steemit journey, to speed up success and make it as difficult as 123.

Welcome to Steemit @mhelvilyn 😄 Sana hindi ka mabore agad dito. You can always browse the categories and find something there that sure you'll find interesting. You can also download Steepshot app and upload photos there, works just like Instagram pero under siya ng Steem blockchain. 🙂 Followed you and upvoted. Have fun around here.


I will. Thankyou!

You are lovely and love your pants.

Welcome to Steem, @mhelvilyn!

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Hello Mhelvilyn, welcome to the community! It's so nice to see a teenager here.
Btw, we have created a community for the teen steemians named TOS and our goal is to interact with and help our peer steemians. If you are interested, you can contact me on Twitter @chamudiliyanage.


Okay later :)

Welcome, @mhelvilyn
You will meet a lot of friends here 😍
Enjoy steeming!


Thanks ate @lala. I owe you a lot :-)

Hello Mhelvilyn, Although i am not able to pronounce your name, but still i am very happy you joined steemit community, wishing you good luck for the future


Haha thanks and God bless!

Welcome @mhelvilyn!~
Enjoy your stay in this platform, you may want to visit https://www.ulogs.org and learn more about Bloggingg and Ulog :)

Welcome and keep steeming👍

welcome mhel..steem on..you might like ulogging..check it out..