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RE: Will Steem succeed or commit suicide?

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All good ideas but I think the major problem here on steemit is the signup process. I'm still getting message after message from my audience telling me that they can't sign up or they are having problems signing up. First impressions are important and many of these people will never be back.


Yeah, that's kinda my point. If people have to pay to sign up because its so complicated...FAIL. I mean we want mass adoption eventually right? Social media should not be hard to take part in...IMHO.

The website is still in beta.. The current signup process is not the final product. They are working on changes to the whole signup process in hardfork 20. The system that is in place for now works for the time being, and when there are cases where it doesn't - the people in the community are here to help.

Im really looking forward to the updates....just not sure how my audience will react to, "okay, this time it really will be easy to sign up an account". Im all about second chances though.

It is a goal of the dev team to improve and streamline this process. It is probably going to take some time to get there though. As users of a 'beta' website, we should not have the expectation that everything is going to work 100% optimally and have all the bells and whistles of a full blown social media platform. It is a work in progress, and we also need to consider how the platform will look in 6 months or even a year or more. Right now we are all the 'early adopters' - giving the site a try and providing feedback on how it can be made better.

Hopefully we don't have a sudden influx of new accounts. According to @furion, @netuoso, and others, the network is iffy now, and dramatically increasing the number of users may well cause it to be unusable.

This is not my specialty, and I am not privy to the technical details. You might be, as a witness, though. Anything you can add to the issue with RPC nodes, and requiring more and more RAM to keep Steemit running?

On the witness side, things are pretty good. I personally run three 32 GB RAM servers for my witness, and I have a 32 GB RAM public seed node.

Steemit recently wrote a post regarding the scalability concerns. It sounds like things are under control.

Thanks for that link! Imma read it.

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