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Posted on the front page of The Drudge Report was the story over at Fast Company by business writer, Cale Weissman, people are spending less time on Facebook. This was first reported back in February but the numbers are getting worse.

It's that simple. Interpret that how you want but that is the fact. Weissman reports that Facebook lost a whopping 4% of time spent on the platform in November of last year. Now, Facebook lost an amazing 18% of time spent on its site in December! But it's not just Facebook. Instagram lost 9% of user time spent on the platform. AMAZING!

Facebook execs are telling worried investors that this decline is just the result of a change in the algorithm. But many are speculating that something more is going on and people are tiring of Facebook and other social media platforms.


My theory is that many are moving to the blockchain based social media platforms like Steemit and Sola. Well, Sola hasn't really implemented their blockchain yet but according to their roadmap and white paper, it's just around the corner. And Sola is now bragging over 800,000 users and growing.

Listen, the Alexa numbers don't lie. The trend is going up.


Sola numbers at Alexa are similar.

At the end of the article, Weissman ponders who will replace the Duopoly of Facebook and Google/Youtube.

I think I know that answer.

As more and more people realize that you can now be paid and rewarded monetarily for time spent online with cryptocurrency and learn about the technology of blockchain social media, they will continue to spend less and less time at Google and Facebook applications.

Time will prove me right.

FAST COMPANY ARTICLE: Chances are you’re spending 24% less time on Facebook

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Who knows. Maybe Facebook will make their own token to save themselves.


It won't be decentralized and will fail.

I am one of them. They stopped showing my posts to people who asked for them, so I moved on to Instagram and Steemit.


I have a 130,000 facebook followers and when I put up a post, it may only get 10 shares and 20 likes. They won't show your content unless you pay them. Screw that!


Exactly. It became pay to play a looooong time ago--and they just changed their policy again in January--!

It's now against their terms of use to partner with other pages and share each other's content in exchange for "anything of value". O_o

So done...

The blockchain revolution 💪


...will not be televised.

I am personally tired of all of the spying. I have searched on my phone for a tool, and then gone to facebook on my laptop and viola, that tool is all I see on the adds on my page. Facebook and Google are bought and paid for by people who don't have our best interest.


www.duckduckgo.com is claiming that they do not even store data, so there is Nothing to sell! I have a new home page / search engine, to go along with Steemit, LOL!

The world is getting sick of being Zuck'd

i also feel the same

Facebook and Google OWN online advertising....if you think Facebook has to worry about Steemit then you are smoking crack. And if you haven't noticed the stock market has been performing just fine while the crypto market continues to crash.


.if you think Facebook has to worry about Steemit then you are smoking crack.
ayuup...that certainly convinced me...
can't argue with such well thought out reasoning.
maybe you should go do what you think best?


If you are claiming that a new, unknown and unproven entity like Steemit is a threat to Facebook then the burden of proof is on you. You are saying the Earth is flat and I'm saying that's crazy...I have all the data in the world to support me so I do not need to present reasoned argument, I have the past and the present reality on my side...so the burden of proof falls on you. It doesn't matter how great Steemit is, it's just not established enough to even be in the same sentence as Facebook yet, way premature.


Funny thing..I tried to sign onto my CompuServe account . just the other day, Neither it, BIX or Delphi was working...Prodigy was down too.

Can you imagine that?

I wonder why?


Exactly, people thought MySpace was going to last forever. The numbers dont lie.


ahh, yes they do. you forgot Amazon btw.

However, a growing segment of the internet hates ads enough that they're willing to pay membership fees, or donate to sites they enjoy, or use small-time affiliate programs that their favorite sites partner with.

I mean, do you ever click on an ad willingly? I almost NEVER do--but then, I'm not their target market anyway 'cause I'm on here talking about opting out of it all ;)


I don't click ads either, and perhaps what you say is true but I was just stating the fact that they own online advertising. I never thought of Amazon as being a big player in online advertising, they are certainly a small player compared to FB and GOOG.


There is this old saying @nrad, "Nothing last forever" It's true for facebook and will be true for blockchain one day as well.


FB and Google were new concepts at one point in time too. The new idea is the danger to them, not the specific site. One of the blog posts will end up hurting them, maybe fatally. When they began censoring the postings they allow, they died, the carcass has just not fallen down yet. The people that will allow that kind of feces, are not the one generating content. The influx of content was their strength, but by very poor business decisions, they have killed that golden goose. Really it is simple, no matter what their size.
They had a small company that wanted into the calculator market years ago, but did noyt have they cash to design the five chips they needed to get their foot in the door. They could design ONE only. They came up with a design that was programmable and could be made to look like all five. That little company was laughed at for even trying to get into such a big company market. That tiny company was named Intel...new ideas are the core of future growth.

Is that why Steemit is so.....s...l...oooooow...
right now?

couldnt agree more on this excellent post. Facebook saw it coming and shot themselves on the leg by taking harsh decisions of banning crypto adverts although they were looking into it. In next few years, facebook will be dead if they dont stop reaping folks up and start paying people for times spent on their platform. thanks for sharing
nb: explain further everything in your post powered by solar? Do you cash out your solar, if so how?

I am seeing more folks leaving fb for here.

I believe it will stick around for a while. Don't see it happening anytime soon. Would be alot cooler to see smaller more independent social media sites to come up. sucks and totally bites.

This is the first I heard about Sola. It has a lot of very bad reviews on the Google Play Store about biased moderators and people getting banned for stating political opinions. All the 5 star reviews have no text and all appear to be fake accounts. A lot of apps and websites pay services in India for mass 5 star reviews. Do you really I should make an account? I'm banned from Reddit for no reason, and that's what Sola sounds like.


I like using sola but they do moderate right now. Supposedly that is going to change when they fully go decentralized and the blockchain is working. It's listed in their roadmap. But yeah, the moderating made some people angry. I know who wrote one of the reviews. Me!


If you're a masochist from the USA Sola is the place to be.
They LOVE to beat up on Americans..but cry, whine, and 'moderate' you if you fight back.

Facebook better try to buy steemit inc fast then!

I go to FB just to wach some ads.

I'm still on Facebook, but really only to post my content. I don't browse too much. Instagram is still fun for me. Steemit is my favorite place to hang out, but my established audience on YT and FB aren't all here yet :)

I have not been on Facebook for weeks now, I'm not missing anything and don't plan to go back!

I don't spend a lot of time now on Facebook either because of Steemit. And, I didn't know time spending on Facebook and Instagram has a huge impact on their platform. Well, thank you for this info.

I used to keep an open tab for FB, all the time. That same tab is now steemit. When one, or even a hundred does that, they will not notice; but the thousands do, they will. I complained about a liberal dumping porn on my page, because he lost a debate. They responded by deleting my page, and telling my 500+ friends that I defriended them. I have a new FB page, so I can contact a specific few, but I open it once a week, for pictures of my New Grandson....

It is only a matter of time. I never used facebook. My daughter-in-law set up an account for me and I couldn't be bothered to do anything with it. Even way back then I didn't like the direction it was taking and at one time Facebook was saying everything you posted they owned and could use acordingly. That did not sit well with me!

So funny that is if you read the agreements, you know you sell your soul to them to use their site.. Only put out there what you want the world to see and read.. there are NO more secrets in this world!!

It is easier to stop using facebook since I started on Steemit :) I have never heard of Sola... (I guess that just proves how new I am to all of this LOL!) Going to have to check it out too...although Im just getting the hang of it here...(I think!)