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RE: Ramadhan: The base of good deeds.

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I have always heard of this famous fast, although I had not had the opportunity to get more involved with it, your publication is quite interesting and some points have attracted powerful attention...
Mainly sexual inactivity, I wondered if there was any custom like his usual clothes, haircuts, visits to the hairdresser's by women... but the most important thing was:

One of the main benefits of fasting, especially for people who have health problems related to metabolic syndrome, is the many immediate cardiovascular benefits. Fasting improves cardiovascular function, blood composition and blood pressure. People with type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol may find fasting helpful in addressing some of the associated health problems.

Despite reading that it's beneficial, I've been dealing with my weight for years, countless publications indicate that it's best to eat breakfast when you wake up and that prolonged fasting can cause severe damage to your metabolism, in addition to this, physical activity is also frowned upon?


You are right @melvadg you know being a Muslim we have to focus on woman's dress up. The dress for womans is burka and hijab and they have to cover and hide their full body otherwise it is impossible to say she is Muslim woman with out these things if she can't follow.

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