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RE: how to earn 1 SBD daily ? any one have any plan ? - no earning :( 4800 Followers 51 rep

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Seriously? Make 2 quality posts every day using your own photos and write at least 50 words. Then get out there and comment, comment, comment!! The more thoughtful comments you make the quicker your account will grow!


i did that but didn't get result.

Maybe original content would help? Not posting things that everyone can find on Google? Just a suggestion, if you seriously want to do well here!

Thanks i will try and i will share with you :)

Oh good! I would love to learn about who you are!!

i post my own article. please check out.

I was thinking of something personal. How can anyone make friends with you if you don't tell them who you are? Take a photo of something you see right now and tell us about it! That would be my suggestion!
I have no interest in downloading YouTube, but if I did I would be able to find out how to do it by googling it. Your article would only be of interest to a handful of people. Plus, you should not use tags that are not right. You can not be posting from eSteem AND Steemit. Only use the tag that is correct. Are you posting from eSteem? Then use eSteem, but you can't use both. If you are posting from Steemit, or busy or partico, then use the appropriate tag. Not all of them.

Does that make sense?

I hope you will grow and prosper here 🐳