HF 18 Incoming! A 9 Second animation

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It's only a matter of hours now. I made a short animation to celebrate. What will you be doing at 3pm UST!!


I will be in the pub drinking copious amounts of beer. That's how we do it here!! Let me know how it goes! Preferably in a gigantic long comment thread! ;0)

Please feel free to use and share any of my animations!


so you are now an animator. Perhaps "Meesterboom Animation Studios" is in the future?

Heh heh, wouldn't that be a thing!! :0)

Nice, I love your animations :-)

I like to hear that! I absolutely love making them so it's nice to know they are appreciated!!

Absolutely, keep 'em coming ;-)

Is there a program you are using for this or are you doing them old school?

Yeah i use Flip Art on android. I do them all on my phone. The app has onion skinning, copying and freehand drawing. So there is a lot of drawing involved but the app definitely helps!

Also i use a stylus, is way easier that way!

You are a Master Tech Artist > indeed. I would love to try this app out. If I was a whale I'd hit you with all I have to boost your rewards. Awesome post.

Ha that's an awesome gif!! I got the name wrong!! It's FlipAClip!! You should defo try it!

I, for sure, thought that you were going to replace the "m" with the fork instead of the "e" haha! Definitely entertaining waiting for it with you, dude.

I did think about the 'm'! But the e was smack bang in the middle and the symetry pleased me :0D

Haha! Yeah, I figured it was for symmetry purposes. Either way, masterfully done animation!

You are a gent! Although i am sure i have said that before!

We actually had a thread nesting limit busting discussion about it before, but that's alright haha! A gent I am, above my many other titles :D

That's right you are the man of many titles!!

Oh look at that lack of nesting limit!

HAHA! Given this power, I'm tempted to not reply blocks of text and instead just spread the nest out haha!

Lol, a reply for every sentence. That will test it out!

haha great idea :)

Very cute. Teach me! Teach me! Please! How to make it.

Hehe, all you need is patience and an android phone!! :0)

This is good one. Love it.

Thank you @ace108! Appreciate it!!

For fork's sake, that is so cool!

Forking hell, ain't it just!! :0)

Oh yes, hear hear, this evening celebrating with beer!
Great animation again! :-)

Thanks mate! Beer and animation! Woot woot!!!

Cheers! That is jolly good combination!

Great post..keep up for a good work..

Cheers very much!!

Cool animation! Got to have fun..cheers!!!

Yeah, fun is the thing!! We should all have a bit more of it in our lives!

Love it! Thank you for sharing :)

I will be celebrating at 11 est with Reiki <3

Happy New Fork & Happy Steeming!!! Bright Blessings!!!

That sounds like a great way to celebrate, i will be joining you!!

Happy fork day!!

Very nice animation. What is the software you are using to create an animation like that?

I used the android application Flip Art. It's quite a powerful tool. It does take a bit of patience and getting used to though!

Great thank you.

You are very welcome. Have fun!!

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