Spam comments?!

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It's been like a week since I've submitted a post! (nobody cares...)

Anyways, as I was looking at the new posts section, there was a particular post that I came across. It was about Father's day and the author of the post wrote how he brought his baby daughter to the beach to enjoy quality time together. The post, of course, included pictures of the place, the amazing food they had, and the author goes on to mention how much he enjoyed it, and well, details describing the place and the scenery.

After finishing reading the post, I noticed a comment saying "The water is so clear! Wow!". I couldn't help but to ponder... Mr. Commenter, you read the entire friggin post and all that came up to your mind was that? The author clearly wants you to notice more than that... he also doesn't want that type of bullsh*t comment appearing on his posts. No one does.

Therefore, I became a sad Doge and decided to write about this.

So, if you want people to read your posts and comment meaningful stuff, then you should do the same on other people's posts as well. Take the time to actually read their post.

It's what Steemit is all about. Consider spreading the word.


Yes bro @mdog I really agree with what you write ... Because then we will get closer and get to know each other ...
I will keep following you bro
Maybe you are also pleased with the same thing ... Hehehehe

hope we get to know each other more, i followed you as well :)

sad but true.....
It's kinda wasting both sides' time
btw i noticed u r from HK, Can we be friends :)?

sure! i followed you :)

Wow. The water is so clear. Amazing photo man. Nice post! lol

I agree with @mdog, spam comments are worthless. I will, however, upvote a smartass when I see one and think it is funny.

hey thanks!

This is where the power of your votes come in play by not rewarding those spammy comments or posts in the system. As soon as money is involved there is always bots, cheaters and other junk that goes on that trashes systems. It is up to the owner of the site to come up with ways to manage this and deal with such things that happen. Because they will and already have been.

@bitcoinflood, i would think that a system like that is quite hard to implement. but then again, the whales with a lot of steem power wouldn't upvote the spammers, being self aware that upvoting them would only benefit them. therefore, they only upvote the most meaningful comments. that being said, there becomes a time when a blogger has a lot of followers, and they become aware of just how much meaningless spam they receive.


I'd at to this but you already know my thoughts.

A few of my recent posts have gotten a reply from this same douchebag that says something like "Welcome to Steemit! Follow me, I post fun pictures every day!" He copy and pastes it on everyone's posts. I'm going to start down voting all of his shit. I've seen him post in on people's sad/upsetting posts even.

Yeah, that crap on a sad post is not what the author needs to see. Downvotes are in order for this jerk.

flagging them is always an option

hmm especially as you have a lot of followers and steem power, they want your attention (possibly for upvotes)
i noticed that as someone gain more followers, the more comments they'll receive on their posts. inevitably, the spam will come as well.

or maybe for some it is a way to get noticed by the author. but there always a reason for it. Just as you said, we shouldn't force to comment. (I failed sometimes though) LOL.

Maybe we could make a meaningful comments club? Like a book club kinda. Or a chat where people feature posts they would like people to make comments on or create a dialogue. It could be works that are past the 7 days even and people just take a little time to consider a post. Could you imagine getting 12 or so people posting thought out crits on a piece you thought people long forgot about.

that would be a good idea. maybe there can be a new tag or something. what do you think?

This post just made a confirmation to people thoughts that were floating around in their heads when they read the comments sections. Sadly some comments on someone's post, "you follow me, I follow you" without bothering to read one's post.

@cybercodetwins, i have definitely seen that a lot as well. so if someone posts "you follow me, I follow you", they would possibly quickly reach out to hundreds of different bloggers, and in a way, artificially gain followers.

followers should come naturally. write good content and you'll gain followers.

Well said! If I posted something that had a lot of beautiful pictures that not just talked about our time at the beach etc... But talked about the wonderful time I had with my wife and baby, I would love it if people posted stuff about what I wrote, vs just what they saw to let me know they actually read the post! Either way, there have been times I've commented on a post about a particular phone because of my drawn interest in the photo itself, even though my comment had nothing to do with the message of the post. I did however actually read the post in those cases, so to each his own.

that's true! i do that sometimes too. of course, it's important for everyone to fully read each others posts.
most times, when i finish reading someone's post but have no comment, i will not try to force a comment.

Same here! I think you nailed it though.. People shouldn't try to force comments.

Take time to read their post and appreciate what it's about or ignore the post and check if their images aren't stolen so you cash act like a wanna be policeman and downvote

roop, i only downvoted your post cause you made your entire story up... its not personal, i didn't go around downvoting all of your posts

Thanks for your clarification mdog.
I don't make it up though that's exactly what happened to me. I used a stock photo to emphasise my wife's observation that this really is present fashion.
Sorry for the misunderstanding.

that's fine, i removed my downvote.

Friends? I hope so.
I'm a bit sensitive at the moment ... :-(

sure, lets be friends :)

Happy days.