Announcing the frist Steem Dollar Ticker.

in steemit •  3 years ago

For the latest USD exchange rate price on your hard earned SD:

LAST UPDATE 7/8: website screenshot right after it went thought the $1 threshold at 15:30 CEST (15/07/07)

Curently its a bit of work to calculate what the "exact" exchange rate of Steem Dollars is compared to the USD. And since I was quite interested in the latest exchange rate I decided to make a tool. This started with a simple google spreadsheet that I shared here with you.

Since I got quite some response I further developed the idea of a website ticker that shows the current "real" value of the Steem Dollar compared to the dollar.

To explain how the conversion works I'm going to show you an example with some "random" values. Next to that you can read from which exchanges the values are loaded from.

Actual Live Data:
SD/STEEM = 0.329000 SD (internal markets ask price)
BTC/STEEM = 0.00043 BTC (Bittrex price from api)
USD/BTC = $639.085 (Coindesk price from api)

Calculation & Formula:
1 SD = 3.0395136778115 STEEM
3.0395136778115 STEEM * 0.00043 BTC = 0.001306990881459 BTC
0.001306990881459 BTC * 639.085 USD = $ 0.8352782674772

1.) Add conversion to other FIAT (EURO / GBP / CAD)
2.) Logging page with statistics and history of SD/USD price.
3.) Display generated images to post Steem Dollar price badges.
4.) Making it mobile ready
5.) Fixing the graphical glitches on diffrent screen sizes.

9/7/2016 - Adden collors of STEEM & VESTS convertion so pages and values are not mistaken.
9/7/2016 - Added a convertion page to go from steem to USD and BTC
9/7/2016 - Added a box with BTC values
9/7/2016 - Added a conversion box - choose your own amount of SD to convert to USD.
8/7/2016 - Added a conversion page to go from VESTS to STEEM
8/7/2016 - Included the actual information and formula for convertion
8/7/2016 - Fully automated the convertion with several api's
7/7/2016 - Changed the domain to

Please spread the word and let me know if you have any tips, tricks, suggestions or feedback on the current Steem Dollar Ticker.

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great work man - there are some minor position issues with google chrome on OSX 12" - the logo overlays the header title

see screenshot attached:

but it could be easily fixed with viewpoint and custom CSS for smaller sizes!
Hope this helps!

Again great iniative - pls go continue :)


Thanks, its indeed on the checklist of things to do.

there's a typo in the title - "fist" :)


OMG, wow this is a good f-up of autocorrect that did not see my mistake! Thanks for noticing after 2 days!


lol i know - i've seen this post yesterday and didn't noticed ... btw now it's "frist" :D

Some logging converted to a simple graph form the last days, including the resent pump:

This is interesting!

  1. A graph to display price history would be great. Is it possible to show this in real-time as well?
  2. If possible include conversion for major currencies. As the platform grows there will be people from across the world who will find your site extremely useful.
  3. The site looks really clean so kudos for the effort!

Thanks, good to see the community likes it. Both points are up in the to do list. Hope to make some time soon to implement the first steps of this. As soon as I have a major update I will let everyone know.


That's great! I'll keep an eye out for your updates. :)

SBD originally stood for Steem Backed Dollar ( not Steem Based Dollar).


Thanks my fault going to change this!

edit1: changed it to backed
edit2: removed backed -> Steem Dollar


We encourage all to use "Steem Dollar" or "SD"


Whoeps, thanks for the heads up!
I guess the DNS/Cash is giving some problems at the moment. First it was on that site but I bought a domain name and some hosting to run it on.

From now on only accessible from:

Next to that I see that there are some design glitches on some screens where the logo is on top of the text, and there are some other small styling options where i need to have a look at


still the same with the link you provided


That is very weird! clear cash of last 2 days maybe the old url is still in your cash. Otherwise its the DNS referring still towards old address. Hope its fixed soon.

Good stuff, thanks for making this. Ive veen darting back and forth too :o


Hope this is now history :)


Your welcome!

Would you consider enhancing your spreadsheet and website by adding similar calculations but for more significant amounts of SD? I mean amounts which are more likely to be used in practice, e.g. 100 SD or 1000 SD.


What about making it a form box so you can decide what amount you would like to see converted?


That would be even better, if it's doable.

Ideally, we could combine both methods: have some fixed amounts (e.g. 1 SD, 10 SD, 100 SD, 1000 SD) and a box where you could enter an amount of your choice. This way those who need a quick overview don't have to type anything and those you need exact information have the option to get it.


Written down in the to do notes. Tho I will try to keep the site as clean and flashy as posable - too much info / numbers might be too distracting. Etherway I will do my best!


As promised a convertion box to put in your own SD value to convert to USD$:

Thank you that is really cool!

Nice, thanks! This morning I decided to cash out 100SD as a test, I ended up with $83 USD in BTC. That's actually not so bad, but I put it right back into Steem Power :)

Nice job, that's pretty damn sexy.


Thanks, yes the web and crypto can use some more pretty damn sexyness :P

Very slick site! Now I have another price ticker to obsessively check ;).

Cool stuff, thanks for putting this together! Seems like you are using last trade prices? Maybe it's better to use the bid prices, or an average of bid/ask prices.


Thanks! Currently I'm using the Ask value of the internal exchange. I think this would be best value, since that would be the current lowest value to buy STEEM for. But I guess there is maybe a better way of getting a more correct price.

Keep it coming

This is a nice resource, thanks!

@mauricemikkers BIG THANKS !!!! for creating this, i was looking for SBD/STEEM pair and calculating rates of exchange and wanted to use googlesheet to track the daily prices of SBD and steem. lucky i found your article first and save me the effort awesome.

suggestion : possible to add a chart on SBD /STEEM ?

Awesome service for the ecosystem.

Does the code exist to display generated images to post steem price / holdings yet?
If so, Point me in that direction please. Spreading word about the network is key imho.


Good tip, added to the future plan list.


Cool idea! Thanks for putting it together.


Thank you & thanks for correcting me. Changed it!

Would be even cooler if you could animation and sounds like does for BTC.


Awesome, maybe in the future a separate "extended page" would be fun. But till then I'm currently focusing first in logging all data to create graphs to show and give more insights. After that more fiat conversion support. And along te way try to fix some design glitches.

Thanks, now I've got more of a clue what those Vests are too.
Like the design very much.


Graag gedaan! :)

You have a typo on the VEST/STEEM Conversion button.


Thanks and fixed!

Great job! Can you provide the formula in case of VESTS/STEEM conversion and the source the values are loaded from?


The source used is -> Load in live value of the
steem_per_mvests M = 1.000.000,00 STEEM

i gotta show this off! Thanks #mauricemikkers. YOU GOT THE JUICE NOW!!


Thanks more updates soon!

i re-directed to you're site if you are okk with it. If not i will remove it

Would it be possible to add a tracking feature so that people can see the price over time? Ideally also for the future price but that's probably asking too much :D

Pay-out per vote seems to be a bit off.
I just upvoted a post and added 0.01 to the sum.
Due to your tool $ 0.00037340817166159
Upvoted this post.
Can you elaborate?

i like this site - any chance you can add in support for GBP exchanges? and EUROS?

Is the vote value feature also yours? It says to "tell me if there are any issues" however the screen flashes away so quickly it took me many tries to find out that there is no link anywhere for doing such a thing. I ended up going to the root site and found the link to this page. Anyway... the calculation for vote value is way off. It says my vote is worth 0.004 cents when it shows 1 cent after I make an upvote.

Could it be possible that you add a graph to display the price history?


Yes, this is definitely something I would like to implement. Logging function first then a graph, hope to have some results soon.